Unsurprisingly, more GTAV, or GTAO, which has been referred to as “Generally Terrible Assholes Online”. Of course, even when playing with friends, things can go bad. Sometimes, you’ll arrive to pick a friend up in a chopper, and he’ll throw sticky bombs and blow you up, just, y’know, because. Perhaps like in the below clip, you see a friend swimming in the ocean, and fly over and try to pick him up by flying really low. Sadly, even though your chopper is literally dipping in the ocean, he can’t get in, so he gives up and swims away. Undeterred, you fly over and insist the he tries again. You push the limits of good sense by dropping the chopper even lower. Then you go entirely too low, and things go horribly wrong. The chopper’s spinning blades mix with the sea to briefly become the worlds biggest blender, and your friend gets torn to shreds in the moments just before the chopper blades are torn from the rotor. Not through any kind of mercy, the game has let you survive; to tread water in the sea to contemplate your hubris. RIP DoubleMantis.

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