My Playstation 4 arrived safely in its new home yesterday afternoon. It will be safe here, happy even. It will be dusted, perhaps even occasionally given a polish as well. The children will play on it at every given opportunity, the allure of the outside world will give it occasional refuge and its storage at an altitude greater than one metre will ensure its safety from the destructive little meat paws that might do it harm. The blue light will occasionally illuminate an otherwise empty room as we have our alone time, while my Wife sleeps alone; we will get to know each other better and the bond will strengthen between us. But PS4, you better sort your shit out real quick, or these things will not happen.

The initial update went very smoothly, once plugged in and turned on I found the experience enlightening, some things that I had only ever dreamed of occured. It seemed intuative, it was already 60mb into the download before I had done my part. Installing started immediately as well, it new what was to come and only need me to sign off, a streamlined future is here. The painful sandwich making saga of game installs appears to be a thing of the past, and good riddance. ┬áSony was well aware that their online offering last generation was lacking, this time around (with Playstation Plus already starting to prove its worth) it seemed that a clear road map had been set out for success in this area. After three hours of attempting to sign in and a myriad of error codes I am not as sure. Surely Sony knew it would need to have the network resources en place to cater to the increased demand of a new system. With people paying for a service this time around you they can’t skate by on the good will of offering something less than functional, the month long downtime of the past will not be accepted.

The Xbox One’s unintuitive user interface shows that Sony are not alone with (what I hope are only) teething problems. Whether both teams rushed onto the field due to necessity to beat the opponent there, or whether they simply didn’t think about what game they were playing and came ill prepared; something went wrong.

Let us hope, for the sake of people in both camps, that issues like this are learnt from and the companies can put their best foot forward sooner rather than later.

In the mean time, I have repacked the PS4 into its box and put it aside to place under the Christmas tree for the big day. One weeks grace to sort out issues, one week to forget the hurt of not starting out the right way.

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