We’re joined this week by Dave, the weird guy at work, if you work at Wonder Horse (Hamilton’s best bar).

This one is a monster, so get strapped in for the long haul. Oh, so many games:

Invisible Inc
Mad Max
Rfactor 2
Lego Worlds
Mercenary Kings

A great deal of movies:

Point Break
We Are Your Friends
San Andreas (sort of)
Kung Fury
The Room

Gar has read some feminist(ish) scifi, Dave tells us why Louie is The Sopranos of comedy, and also describes the Game of Thrones board game slightly more coherently than Mike did last week.

Here is that thing Mike talked about last week:

Here’s the trailer for the new Point Break.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Room is apparently shit.  Here’s more from the creator of that:

This is the actual original trailer for Star Wars:

Here is Kung Fury in its entirety.  Watch it.

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