Turn 10’s greatest racing game yet, and arguably the best racing sim available (certainly on the Xbox 360,) Forza 4 is a hit with the Mashers, and now you’ve got a chance to join them if you haven’t already (if you have, it’s a chance to score a sweet Christmas present for someone.) All you have to do is flick me an e-mail at wugga@buttonmasher.co.nz and attach a picture of you and your car. It doesn’t have to even be your car, you could just pose next to the Ferrari that the asshole down the road owns. Bonus points for getting creative with it, but our judging criteria will be a mystery even to ourselves, so just make sure you’re in it to win it, as we have two copies to give away.

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RAGE is a Mad-Maxy-open-world-post-planet-killer-asteroid-apocalyptic-wasteland-first-person-shooter with RPG lite elements and vehicles…..whew. It has been beautifully produced by ID Software, famous for DOOM and Quake, and is the end of a seven year drought by this top developer.

So like all classic post-apocalypse games, an unnamed hero surfaces from cryo sleep 100 years after the devastation of Earth to find mutants, rebel clans, settlers and a tyrannical government all beating each other over the head in an attempt to survive.

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nzBrowncoat brings us the lowdown on Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Originally posted over on Browncoat’s blog, Interactive Nonsense.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a First Person Squad-based Tactical Shooter that shares similarities with the mint slice biscuit. On the outside it’s not flashy and other biscuits look a lot better, but inside is a cool peppermint core which some people will love to dunk in a cup of tea (I mean the biscuit goes in the tea, not the game…..anywho).

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nzBrowncoat brings us the lowdown on Crysis 2. Originally posted over on Browncoat’s blog, Interactive Nonsense.

They say clothes maketh the man.  In the case of Crysis 2 they maketh you an invisible death-dealing supersoldier. Crysis 2 is a first-person shooter that uses interesting suit abilities and brilliant visuals, to be a bit of a powerhouse for PC and console gamers alike.

Crysis was the great looking game that few played, due to the demanding PC requirements. Its second outing is a bit more market-friendly, coming to the PC in a usable form, while also being released for console gamers too. From what I can gather the story loosely follows on from the first but I say this early on, if you are looking for a powerful narrative this ain’t the place to look. Continue reading

Kicking off community content, nzBrowncoat reviews Apache: Air Assault. Originally posted over on Browncoat’s blog: Interactive Nonsense.

There is something special about hovering at 1000 feet and guiding a high explosive hellfire missile from 2 kilometers away onto an unsuspecting bad guy. Apache: Air Assault has heaps of these “that was freakin’ sweet” moments. It’s a shame there are a few unnecessary shortcomings that take you out of what is otherwise an engaging helicopter sim ‘lite’.  Continue reading

EA’s recent venture into new IP territory with the flawed but awesome Dead Space gave me high hopes for The Godfather II. Would they build on the solidity of the first game? Would the open world be diverse and interesting? Would an old school Mafioso themed storyline with a box-office pedigree be given the justice it deserves? The short answer to these questions is unfortunately, no.

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The Big Daddy of survival horror is back!; the Resident Evil series is finally seeing a next-generation release. It seems like a very long time since Resident Evil 4 hit the streets, and let’s face it, 2005 was a long time ago. But for a series that debuted over a decade ago on the original Playstation, it’s really not too long between drinks. Will fans of the series be pleased with Resident Evil 5? Let’s have a look.

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If you like Rock Band and are a fan of seminal Aussie rockers AC/DC, this add-on is a “must-buy”. The End. This was my initial thought on how I’d expected this review would pan out. But thanks to rock-orientated AC/DC’s additional pop-sensibilities, there is enough here to satisfy even the most casual music fan.

What we have is 18 mostly classic AC/DC songs from a Live in Donnington concert spanning both the Brian Johnston and late Bon Scott eras. Gravel-voiced Brian Johnston is on vocals, and whilst you don’t need to sound like you’ve been gargling battery acid to get a decent score (as long as you’re on the right pitch you’re generally fine) some of the vocal phrases are still very hard to nail.

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Crysis: Warhead is the latest game by developers Crytek, who are renown for producing first person shooters which while visually stunning and torturous for any computer short of top-of-the-line, tend to fall a little short in the actual gameplay department. Warhead is a little different in that rather than being a full game, it is an expansion pack which doesn’t require its parent title, Crysis, to run. It still requires a powerful rig, and still looks incredible, but is there more game this time?


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