My Playstation 4 arrived safely in its new home yesterday afternoon. It will be safe here, happy even. It will be dusted, perhaps even occasionally given a polish as well. The children will play on it at every given opportunity, the allure of the outside world will give it occasional refuge and its storage at an altitude greater than one metre will ensure its safety from the destructive little meat paws that might do it harm. The blue light will occasionally illuminate an otherwise empty room as we have our alone time, while my Wife sleeps alone; we will get to know each other better and the bond will strengthen between us. But PS4, you better sort your shit out real quick, or these things will not happen. Continue reading


Or rather, another Law & Order game, a quick google will reveal that the new project underway at Tell Tale games isn’t a first at approaching this IP. Something troubles me however, the Tell Tale site boasting a 2011 projected release doesn’t boast the gawdy red and blue logo that many of us automatically associate with the TV series. Sleek and streamlined, it’s almost a little too clinical if you ask me. Does this allude to the possibility that liberties will be taken with Law and Order, a series that spawned such great series’ as Law & Order SVU, or Law & Order Criminal Intent? Look, if it’s good enough for Ice T and the resurrected Private Pyle then its good enough for me. So why change it Tell Tale?


Rumours are silly things, they get you hoping for things that you wouldn’t have dared think possible. The video game industry mill of rumour propagation is turning in overdrive at the moment at the idea of a new Nintendo console being announced at E3 this year. It wasn’t that long ago that lines to play the Wii at E3 were so ridiculous that you’d have thought something with core gaming potential was being offered up.

There is a good rumour round up over at NeoGAF. But suffice to say there are some fairly extravagant claims being made, one of them that Nintendo intends on retargeting us with this new beast. HDscreens built into the controllers? Significantly more powerful than the cancer super computing PS3? with more backwards compatability than your average Xbox 360….. magic and fairytales if you ask me. While I’d like more than anyone to have a new shiney 1080p capable toy I’ll remain a sceptic on this one, if only to enable a future ‘I told you so’

Should rumours come true rest assured that we’ll be sending along at least 40,000 people there to report back.

I love the spin that executives give their topics to illustrate their perspective, it’s always less about actual verifiable data and more about pushing agenda. John Riccitiello (EA’s CEO) recently discussed both advertising of games and advertising in games at an advertising conference.

The fact that the world is promised to be bombarded by adverts for Battlefield 3 and the next Call of Duty to the tune of $100 million dollars plus shouldn’t really surprise any observant gamer. Almost every company in NZ has been seen advertising on TV, Radio, Billboard and Bus… and I don’t mean my brother’s childhood Dutch friend, for a number of years.

While some parts of his speech ring true, as they should for someone in his position of both immense experience in the industry, and as a person holding the keys to one of gamings’ largest kingdoms. There are also some points that raise my eyebrow.

Primarily the fact that John (and perhaps most other industry suits) seems to immensely overestimate how captive his audience is. My ability to block out everything unrelated to what I am doing in a game is prodigious. If I can ignore my children pestering me about playing with Ben 10 action figures and a Barbie pool party, then overlooking that ‘Axe’ billboard in Ghost Recon isn’t really a stretch for me. At this point in time it seems like the benefit in advertising in games is that it generates interest in the online gaming communities talking about the advertising more so than by actually reaching a passive gamer glimpsing at something in passing as they explode an NPC’s head. Most of us will have recognised ads in the past that didn’t work, and others that seemed to fit in and add to the experience.

There is a rather bold statement that while a person is playing a game they aren’t doing anything else. So no forum browsing, no social network checking, no talking to family/friends, while gaming, and obviously the drinking of alcoholic beverages while shooting the breeze with your E-Buddies isn’t even a possibility. Gaming can be an incredibly immersive activity that sees you engrossed in an experience, but it can also be something very casual that you do between other more essential life activities. @6:06 John also doesn’t seem to be familiar about the activity universally enjoyed while waiting for an game install.

For those interested in hearing more from John about marketing in and for games you can view the entire video here. Beware though. most of the speech comes across as John regurgitating pro gaming industry propaganda as if he’s worried about the audience taking him seriously.

Everyone loves a good Zombie theme, whether it be a Book, Film, TV Show or Game, it’s something that grips the geek nation like almost nothing else, women with/without sharp knees being the only exception I can think of. There are always the folk that proclaim their readiness to withstand the onslaught of the undead by meticulous preparation and having a plan in their head of what they would do to survive. Most people entertain the thought only briefly, some of us more often, I’m sure at least one ButtonMasher out there already has a Zombie Protocol Preparation Plan laminated and attached to the fridge along side the Soviet/China/Korea/Iran Nuclear Attack Scenario sheets.

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It looks like Sony will finally be leveraging its position as a Mobile phone maker as well as a video game machine maker. Engadget has posted some info about the first official details for the apparently soon to be released handset.

I don’t know if my ever aging thumbs will be mashing away on those buttons as comfortably as they might on a console controller but heck, it’s got a touch screen and promises to at least keep Apple on their toes on the mobile gaming front.

We’ll post more info when Sony NZ announce their plans.

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It’s always going to be the last Halo game isn’t it? I’m sure I finished the fight already, then last year I had to revisit New Mombasa to clean up the city a little bit, and now I find myself travelling even further back in the Halo annals to relive the period of the fall of Reach. I thought that all the fun from the Halo universe had been tapped and ready to be filed along with other once great franchises that took it a little too far in search of recapturing its original appeal and a few assured bucks to stuff into an already bulging wallet. Turns out Bungie thinks a little differently than I, good thing they had some good ideas to back up this 6th entry into the franchise.

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Microsoft really do like their Halo live action trailers don’t they?

A new trailer has been released to promote the imminent release of the latest Halo game. This one obviously can’t rely on the on camera charisma of the Master Chief. Instead it needs a big football like bomb, it actually reminds me of how they stop helicopters in the expendables. Vid after the break.

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Hate mail isn’t something we normally receive, I guess people just don’t care enough about things. In a round about way this could probably be considered my form of hate mail.

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