The madden series has taken innovative turns since its inception on the Sega Mega Drive in 1994 and unfortunately I wish I could say the same with this years version of the Yank’s most beloved game Madden NFL 12. The madden franchise prides itself in change but to be able to notice this change you will need to be an American Football aficionado, most of these changes are under the hood.. very deep under the hood in fact.To put it in an analogical term, the difference between Madden 12 and Madden 11 is like telling the difference between Pepsi and Coke. Basically you will only feel and notice the difference if you are a Hard-core NFL fan, if you are just a casual fan that enjoys the smooth animation and multimillion dollar production value that EA sports provide but are looking for a new mode or gameplay addition you maybe sorely disappointed.

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It’s a common wonderment of many New Zealand gamers to this  simple question. Why do we not have a quality rugby game on the current platforms? Many say it is due to the fact that rugby just isn’t popular enough for a major company to pick up (even though the Rugby World Cup is the third largest single sporting event, achieving an average attendance of more than 45,000 and an estimated television audience in excess of two billion *gasps for air*), others say rugby is just too hard of a sport to convert into videogame form. With two rugby game releases (on the same day) and its quite obvious that All Blacks Rugby Challenge has stood up and not only answers this question but also set a benchmark in terms of presentation of not just rugby games but sport games in general. Continue reading


Air Jordan, His Airness, The G.o.a.t, MJ, Mike whatever you call him, the name means one thing. Greatness. All throughout the 80’s and 90’s when you played, watched, dreamed or even thought about basketball there was always a tinge of Michael Jordan, whether it be from the shoes to the bald head to the number 23 to the longer then required shorts, if you looked up basketball in the true to life English dictionary, there would be a picture with him and his tongue out dunking on some poor unsuspecting 7 foot monster. Continue reading