So while the world prays for a Final Fantasy VII remake, Square Enix announces a PC version available for digital download.

No new textures. No new character models. No HD.

Instead Square Enix boasts 36 Achievements, a Character Booster (basically like a game shark), and Cloud Saves.

I don’t know how confident Square feels with this and I don’t know who they are trying to please. With its quite frankly dated graphics it’s tough to recommend this even to newcomers. As much as I love FFVII…

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While the Kickstarter campaigns mentioned here have more or less been successful, Republique is in danger of failing with less than 40 hours to raise $500,000. They’re currently at $355,333. The catch of Kickstarter is that if the pledged goal isn’t met within the time frame the project isn’t funded. The developers get 0 cents and the backers are out of a game. So while some projects may crack $10 million, little guys like Republique here lie mostly forgotten.

Republique is a game designed for iOS devices but a PC and Mac version is also in the works. It’s a cinematic third person stealth game with a twist. You control security cameras and computer systems trying to save Hope from a freaky 1984ish nightmare state.

The game includes special voice acting stars such as David Hayter. You may know him as Solid Snake. And Jennifer Hale. You may know her from Mass Effect… if you went female.

While I’m pretty sure the game will still see the light of day even if the Kickstarter fails, if this thing interests you at all, please help fund Republique.

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This must be the one thousandth and second Kickstarter campaign inspired by Tim Schafer & Double Fine’s big money project. Jane Jensen is another big name in the adventure games biz — namely for the Gabriel Knight series – and she’s now starting up a new game studio with her husband. They’re calling it Pinkerton Road.

The interesting bit about this Kickstarter is this thing they’re calling the CSG model – Community Supported Gaming. That means you get all the games that studio produces for that cycle. Though to get all the games for that year you need pay up for one of the higher tiers. At this stage Jensen acknowledges to start with they may only be able to produce one game.

And that game is Moebius, a “metaphysical thriller”. The idea was voted on by the initial Kickstarter backers. I myself would’ve voted for a Gray Matter 2, but this new series sounds just as promising. Jensen vows to work on more Gabriel Knight games when their studio grows.

Tim Schafer & Ron Gilbert, Al Lowe, and now Jane Jensen. It certainly is a great time to be an adventure fan.

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Remember the 80’s? Deadlight is an upcoming XBLA title and its developer, Tequila Works, promises an authentic 80’s experience. What, you didn’t hear about the great zombie apocalypse of ‘86?

Although I’d usually say no to yet another zombie game, the gameplay trailer shows more platforming and avoidance than simple run and gun. Narrative Director, Antonio Rojano, lists Another World and the original Prince of Persia as inspiration. It’s not from the 80’s but I think Shadow Complex might be a more modern example of what Deadlight could become.

Have a look at the first developer diary of Deadlight. They have words to say.

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Before Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan there was another duo in town; Jak and Daxter. Naughty Dog’s last series of games took place on the PlayStation 2.

And I was smitten. I played all three games as well as the spinoff Jax X: Combat Racing. Which wasn’t such a bad game guys. Really.

Instead of treating this as a new release (it clearly isn’t) I will briefly go over each of the games and discuss some pointers about the HD release.

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Shank is very much like our friend Kratos; he duel wields sharp objects, isn’t afraid of a little blood, and his face wears a big ugly scowl.

While I didn’t manage to check out the first Shank, Shank 2 on its own has a commendable fighting system, smooth controls, and a very pleasing graphic art style. Not to mention blood — lots and lots of blood.

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Did you hear? Tim Schafer & Ron Gilbert are making a point & click adventure game! No joke.

Plus 2 Player Productions are making a documentary of the entire process. They worked on the first season of The Penny Arcade show, on the upcoming Minecraft documentary, as well as some behind the scenes of Naughty Dog & Sucker Punch. If anyone knows how to make a doco about videogames it’s them.

You can support this project on Kickstarter, where for $15 USD you get a pre-order for the game on Steam as well as access to the doco as it develops. Or you can choose one of the more elaborate rewards such as a portrait of yourself from one of the game’s artists.

Unfortunately the lunch with Ron & Tim is sold out, bummer. Anyway, donate now and make this dream a reality.

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When Uncharted 2 came out in late 2009 many of us, myself included, praised the game beyond measure. In fact it was most likely our game of the year. It was always going to be tough act to follow, but this is Naughty Dog we’re talking about here.

And pull it off they did. Uncharted 3 features the same whiz-bang graphics, narration, and action. But for some reason it just wasn’t as memorable. Perhaps other great games overshadowed it last year. Or maybe threequels have a disadvantage, now that things aren’t as shiny and new as they once were…

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With all the Resident Evil games popping I expect many of us have been eagerly awaiting an announcement on a numbered follow up to the series. Well here it is: Resident Evil 6, starring Leon, Chris, and company.

The trailer looks a little hectic to me, more Gears of War than survival horror. But if it’s anything close to RE4 I will be happy.

It’s scheduled to drop in the US on the 20th of November later this year.

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