Enslaved: Odyssey To The West is a third person action/adventure title set on post apocalyptic earth. While post apocalyptic settings have become all the rage (what pun?), the world Enslaved presents is pretty much the antithesis of what we’ve come to expect. This is no brown and grey wasteland, but rather a world so bright and green that you may be led to believe someone has messed with your saturation settings. Continue reading

Irrational released the first gameplay trailer for Bioshock Infinite last week, and…wow. Those guys really know what they are doing, but still.  As with the original Bioshock, the sense of place they achieve is well beyong what their peers are doing. I just want to play the damn thing.  The video is below, do yourself a favour and watch it. Continue reading

While digital games, aka video games are pretty awesome, there are some truly awesome gaming experiences to be had while removed from one’s television. I am talking about games you play on a table.  Crazy I know, but hear me out. The social interaction of these more traditional games is something that video games still don’t come close to (in my humble opinion of course). Over the next while I will be bringing some of the better examples to your attention. I know quite a few of the Mashers quite enjoy them already, but I get the impression most of you folks tend to stick to digital ones. I will discuss some of the better board games, card games and tabletop miniature games in the hope that by some slim chance you may be persuaded to give them a try. You might find you like them quite a bit.

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I recently had the opportunity to have a play around with both Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect devices. While both seem to be a bit late to the movement controls for gaming, they are both launching very soon (move might be out by the time you read this). I did not get a massive amount of time on either so these impressions won’t be too long. More of a first impression for me.

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(UPDATE): The Microsoft event is currently taking place which confirms that it is now called Kinect, and that the game I thought would be awesome looks awesome.

According to USA Today, the peripheral formally known as Project Natal will be officially called Kinect. There is a trademark for the term filed by Microsoft in late April for “computer software, computer hardware, and computer peripherals.” The term Kinect also appears in an Italian Xbox ad. These do seem to indicate pretty strongly that Kinect will be the name from now on.  Sounds a bit meh to me but what do I know, I dont get paid a tonne of money to come up with names for products. We’ll find out in mere hours anyway. USA Today also has a list of games that are built for it. Continue reading

Crysis 2
The first Crysis was a pretty decent game and looked absolutely stunning. Well, it does if you have an incredibly powerful PC. Crysis 2 was announced some time back and brings two things that makes it infinitely more appealing to me. Firstly, Its multiplatform which means I can play it with my 360 pad on 360, as opposed to with my 360 pad on my PC (as I played the first). More importantly though it means I don’t have to turn down pretty much everything just to get it to run at close to 30 fps. Secondly I am led to believe it has a more urban setting. That’s just a personal preference however, I just like cities more than jungles. Jungles have loads of bugs, smoke mosnters and terrible reception, which is why I live in the city. Below you will find some in game footage of Crysis 2. Looks good to me.

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Ubisoft has released the first part of a live action short film for their upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier. They have done something similar in the past with Assassin’s Creed 2. This first segment does a good job of selling (me at least) on the tone as well as showing some of the awesome new future gear that will no doubt be available in the game when it is released.  Watch it, its pretty good.

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