It was bound to happen and I think most of the videogame sport community had an itchy feeling it was only a matter of time, but as of this morning EA sports once long running title NBA Live 13 has been official canned. After weeks of speculation around how exactly they would attack 2k Games Basketball dominance.The colossal sporting conglomerate has waved its white flag in defeat after leaked video and media hype at this years E3.
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The annual sport game releases may or may not tickle your wallet strings it is always interesting to see what each game has done to up the ante from their previous years, NBA 2k series has by far been the shining star in Basketball games for the past 5 years and this year they finally have some sort of challenge with NBA live 2013 ( and by challenge I mean victim).

The resurrection of the NBA live franchise is a surprising addition to the sport genre scene as their 2012 NBA title which changed its name to NBA elite was pulled by EA Sports Head Honcho Peter Moore after a lacklustre Demo that created numerous YouTube videos and earned EA sports a Jester type reputation in the Basketball video game community.

Its clear in the trailers and gameplay footage of NBA Live 2013 that they have chased after the graphical improvements and canned animations as opposed to 2k13’s approach of Gameplay improvements and a physics engine.

As you can see from the comparison clip of the early builds,they are both very different games.

NBA Live 2013 vs NBA 2k13 Comparrison

So what do you think? EA has a leg up on the competition or 2k will reign supreme for another year?

Add your opinion below on things you can see in the clips that stand out to you.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship has blown up in the past 10 years from being a sport of obscurity to this huge empire built from the age old concept of beating the living crap out of someone, like the sport of mixed martial arts itself, the UFC undisputed video game has evolved into a massively popular and deep game. Breaking the chain linked habit of producing an annual sports game, the team at THQ/Yukes have manage to up the ante with a more defined game with added features that would send any UFC fan in to a knocked out frenzy.

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In a world of videogames where it’s all about how realistic things look and how true to life something sounds, the reintroduction and remix of an old classic board game is a breath of fresh air. We have learnt with all remakes and/or remixes to classics bring the deep risk of beating a dead horse and trying to squeeze the lemon for that last drop of juice. Thankfully with Quarrel we avoid this repetitive death trap and have a well-defined fusion of an old classic and a twist of combative WAR and in this game War is good for 6 points apparently.

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Everybody has an uncle or a distant relative that has an under educated armchair opinion on how the All Blacks could improve or how the Warriors could win the NRL, Sitting there listening to your relative giving his thoughts on what coach/player/assistant should get the sack or who should be getting paid less or more is a tradition in any sport crazy family, these outlandish attempts at the armchair general managers position can all now be executed (well at least in a football sense) with Football Manager 2012.

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