Dash Race - Game Logo

Dash Race is a game which immediately drew my interest as soon as it caught my eye. An electronic form a pencil and paper game popular in youth, I thought it might be the very game that I used to play myself on traditional pencil and paper. I soon discovered that while it wasn’t a game that I was familiar with (the one I used to play was a kind of “pencil flick” racing game), it was nevertheless an interesting game that some of you may have played in your childhood.

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Destructopus Logo

Destructopus is a game with a novel and interesting premise. In it, nature fights back against man’s constant drive to redevelop the world’s landscape. Apparently the world is getting rather sick, with corporations everywhere destroying the natural habitats of Earthly inhabitants, causing global warming and pollution everywhere. However one day man goes too far when it goes exploring for oil and pisses off Destructopus, a kind of Loch Ness Monster of the sea. In order to restore balance to the world, Destructopus sets about to destroy the polluting factories and other man-made structures and save Earth’s endangered species. Do I have your attention?

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Rumour: Reports are circuiting that the UMD’less PSPgo production has been cancelled and that no more units will be sent to retail. It safe to say the PSPgo hasn’t been well received by gamers, the high price tag and limited (compared with UMD) games available on the PlayStation Store has meant the console has been fighting a uphill battle. I believe the PSPgo was never created as a replacement for the current model PSP 3000 but as a alternative for those wanting a more portable portable. Part of me is sad to see it end this way. As a happy PSPgo owner (once the price dropped) I can confirm it really is a impressive piece of kit. But perhaps I’m the minority. RIP little buddy.