Shooters, first or third person, haven’t enjoyed a stellar reputation on handheld devices, at least not compared with the home counterparts. This generation though, has dual analogue controls, thanks to the demand of players. Not that the typical Resident Evil experience has revolved around using the western scheme of having a second stick to control direction, but hey, we live in a post-Dead Space survival horror gaming world now, adapt or die! Continue reading

Nintendo is keen to get their hands dirty with some multiplayer gaming with the people it seems, and to facilitate it, they’ve created their own community for players to join and race each other. The Nintendo management themselves have set aside Monday the 27th 8:30pm – 9:30pm (NZ time) to throw down, but the release also states “plus special guest challengers”, so who knows who they have up their sleeves. Follow the link above for full instructions on how to meet up with them, and if you see Nin*Heathe or Nin*Beau, hit them with a red shell for me!


Mario Kart 7 was one of the most highly anticipated titles for the Nintendo 3DS console even before its launch was officially announced. While there was obvious disappointment that MK7 couldn’t be a “killer” title to launch alongside the 3DS, most would have conceded that it would be better to wait until the game was ready and perfected, rather than to risk a rushed release.

Mario Kart DS was one of the best games on the DS, which is saying something when there was such a solid library of titles of the 3DS predecessor. Selling over 20 million copies worldwide, it is still a title in reasonable demand for those who have recently acquired the DS hardware. The Mario Kart family has always had a solid reputation for quality, playability, and, above all, fun, and Mario Kart 7 does not disappoint. While it may not be enough to make you purchase a 3DS just to play it, anyone with a 3DS should consider it a “must-have” title for the console.

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I can enjoy a good narrative, even if it’s for promotional reasons. These Driver Renegade web episodes aren’t really I Love Bees calibre though, perhaps not even as enjoyable as ASB’s Hillary Goldstein saga, but partial credit goes to them for making an effort. Five episodes, telling the tale of an ex cop called Tanner, shaking some cages in three minute breaks (one minute of those is spent recapping, though), all linked to after the break.

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Nintendo Australia and New Zealand has announced this evening that the latest Nintendo console currently available, the 3DS, will be dropping to a suggested retail price of $343.99NZ, effective August 12. This is a significant drop from the $479.00 currently being asked at EB Games and $449.99/464.99 at Mighty Ape, and relatively so soon after it’s launch is bound to leave some early adopters with a slight rage-induced rash. To assuage the potential ill-feeling, Nintendo coupled this announcement with that of an offering of an exclusive “Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program” to be available to consumers that purchased the 3DS at the launch price. The program consists of 10 free downloadable NES games and 10 Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games from the eShop. Further information on the Ambassador Program past the break.

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Also announced at the E3 presser was Lego City Stories. An open-world Lego game from Traveller’s Tales, that doesn’t hide from the fact its cloning Grand Theft Auto. But you might be hard pressed to find a disgruntled Lego City citizen – they all look so happy! Lego City Stories is a 3DS and Wii U exclusive.

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E3 is next week you guys! In a format slightly different to last year, I thought I’d collate what has been said so far in Browncoat’s E3 2011 thread in a kind of visualisation. So you can see what everyone would like to see, and… rather not see. Some games have already been confirmed, while others are a bit more hazy.

Hover over the images to see where the ideas came from. I have simplified some of these lists, please let me know if I’ve overstepped my bounds!

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I’m sure the 3DS does its tricks well, but does it offer snappy handheld gaming with bags of my favourite prerequisite replayability?

I stumbled across an interesting bit of kit this week on the interwebs and it got me quite excited, not only does it have the fantasy name of some cookie cutter Manga hero it is possibly the most exciting Nintendo related console I am likely to ever see. It is a handheld unit, not unlike a controller, complete with a colour 3.5″ LCD screen that plays SNES cartridges, the developer admits to only testing with US cartridges, although one of the images on their site looks quite PAL shaped to me. With a reported 5.5 hrs battery life, that would be more than enough time to grab a Mario Kart fix on the bus.

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3DS Australian Sales
And, to be fair, we should mention that there have only been something like five official handheld launches, but you know, still.

Numbers coming to us in 3D indicate that our fine Australian brethren have purchased over 31,000 units in a mere four days’ time. This matches the Wii’s launch in 2006, which hit a very similar 32,000 in that timeframe; Nintendo of Australia also confirms that the Wii has hit lifetime sales over yonder of 2.1 million. Not bad. That is several more than the number of times we’ve compared Wii and 3DS sales data.

Have you guys been seeing any fancy glasses-free tech around your area? Besides contact lenses, of course.