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In what should come as a surprise to no one, a recent report by Flurry shows the increasing market share of both Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS in both the overall and portable gaming market in the United States.

Overall, there was no massive jump: iOS and Android comprised 5% of all gaming revenue in 2009, which jumped to 8% in 2010. However, it’s worth nothing that this growth came solely at the expense of portable gaming (the Nintendo DS and PSP, in particular), as console revenue share actually increased during this timeframe. So, to get a better idea of the effect of Android and iOS, Flurry also took a more detailed look at portable gaming in general.

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While others are only just getting their first “hands-on” previews of Nintendo’s brand new 3DS handheld, ButtonMasher’s Man in Japan 8-bit has got his hands on a hot launch console in Japan and kindly agreed to share his thoughts with us – the first Nintendo 3DS review published in New Zealand! Our thanks also go out to fellow ButtonMasher community member ZedameX (who himself has received an import unit) for his contribution to this review. Actual photos of the unit will be uploaded shortly.

This is a review of the Japanese 3DS. I have tried my best where possible to use the official English names for games, applications and features.

Nintendo is first off the block in the next generation of handhelds with the release of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan last Saturday. It boasts a glasses-less 3D screen, improved graphics, and unique connectivity experiences with other 3DS users. But will it live up to its predecessor which stands king of the handhelds with over 144,000,000 units sold?

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Nintendo announced the Australian release date and price of the 3DS at an event yesterday in Sydney (March 31st, $349.95 AU). Although New Zealand wasn’t included in any of Nintendo’s announcements, Game Console spotted a NZ price on the website: $453.

EB Games have also tweeted that they will be selling the 3DS for $449 on March 31st in black and blue.

Compared to other countries of the same region locking, the New Zealand price doesn’t look that bad. Now that we’ve got the official price, who will be ordering one come end of March?

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Nintendo have announced the release dates and prices for their newfangled handheld, the 3DS.

February 26 – 25000Y in Japan.
March 25 – €249.99 in Europe ($439.76 NZD at current exchange rate), £219 to £229.99 in UK ($457.28 NZD at current exchange rate).
March 27 – $249.99 in America.

No official release date or price for Australia/New Zealand at this time.

Importers beware, the 3DS is region locked to Japan, America, and Europe/Australia (If you’re planning on going this route, it might be the one you want to go for).

Update: As reported by Game Console, Nintendo Australia have confirmed the 3DS is scheduled to drop for us & Australia sometime in March.

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