Sony has decided to put some serious testing behind the M.A.G Beta and have given a few Kiwi sites codes to distribute. If you would like one please continue reading to see if you meet the criteria.

  • Has Data – It takes approximately 3gig to get it all up and running. Make sure you have enough space on your HDD and in your broadband plan.
  • Is Kiwi – Must be living and playing in New Zealand
  • Love Blowing Shit up – Explanation not required.
  • Will fill in a survey if sent a code – it’s just to get some stats on who you use as your ISP.

If you meet these criteria then join on in and get a code. To get a code just do two things, sign up on the forum and then send an email (from the address you have registered on the forum) to, in the subject line include your forum username and in the body of the email your name and email address.

We will get the codes out as quickly as possible and hope to see you all online ready to kick some ass.

If you like the combination of furry things with shiny metallic round headed things then you are probably already a fan of the Ratchet and Clank series. Sony is celebrating the release of the latest instalment with a wicked competition running on the TVNZ website which finishes on the 28th, if you win, Weta Workshop will create your weapon and it will be all yours.

We don’t have the ability to make awesome looking weapons out of anything other than crappy deconstructed paper mache piñatas and plasticine, so we weren’t suprised when Sony didn’t buy our offer of Wugga hand crafting a unique plasticine replica of Captain Qwarks codpiece. Instead they promised to give us three copies to share with the ButtonMashing community. To win you just need to post a description of your ultimate Ratchet and Clank weapon, perhaps you could also enter the same thing in the TVNZ comp.  Go forth and create.

Madman have brought Stoked into New Zealand and have been kind enough to give us a few copies for the Xbox360 to give away to celebrate. Snowboarding games tend to be less frequent than the skating variety so there will be a bunch of people keen to check this out. There are three copies to be won, and to win all you need to do is let us know how Stoked you would be to win, do so by posting a comment below and you are entered.

With Uncharted 2 Among Thieves nearing release, Sony NZ has planned a treasure hunt to get people into the spirit of the game. Unfortunately, the obvious route of raiding graves at local cemeteries that ButtonMasher would have endorsed was passed up for an online treasure hunt.

The first step to taking part in the event is to find Nathan Drakes Facebook page and follow what he posts.

It’s a game that people have been raving about since it made a splash at E3, a DS game that uses the strength of your imagination and vocab to solve puzzles. Warner Bros wants to share the love a bit and have provided us a copy to give away, but they also realise that a lot of our readers are a little older than normal and have started thinning out up on top and that it might be getting a little chilly, so they are also throwing in one of the rooster caps to ensure that heads can be maintained at an appropriate warmth.

To win all you need to do is solve the competition like you would a Scribblenauts puzzle, think of an object and explain how you would use it to make you win. Post your answer here in the forum.

The time has come to wrap up the Griffball Fantasy League competition for the copies of Halo 3 ODST. There were some great entries with plenty of smack talk and team work galore, the future is a scary place when blood sports rule the physical arena, it’s good to know that at least a glimmer of humanity will shine through as team mates band together to deal death en masse.

Congrats to the Auckland Orsums. The tipping factor was the trading card video which brought happiness to my loins. If the team members could PM me their postal addresses and details in the forums for happy fun time. Hopefully we can carry the enthusiasm into some quality griffball matches next week.

Yesterday we put up a post that might have confused some people, it was an example that Wugga and I put together to try and inspire people to enter the ODST competition we announced last week. The purpose of the competition is to have a little fun in the wait before ODST drops at the end of the month and giveaway the game to some fans of the series.

All you need to do is assemble a fictitious team of 4 real people and make a Griffball team for the ButtonMasher Fantasy Griffball League where the best fake team will win a copy of the game for each member. Entries can be posted in the forum here and can consist of any format you wish, a video, skywriting, audio, the written word, blog posts, basically anything you want. Also if you just want to join a team hit the forum to find some team mates.


In this podcast we decide that we should just all get along, or, if we can’t get along we should just hope in a GaR’s van for some sweeties. We announce what we are doing for our ODST competition, talk about the sillynes of Shatner’s laywers, Sony’s motion controller and region locking.

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The Monaco event last week saw a bit of swag being handed out and it’s time to share the love. I’ve got Batman Lego for the PS3 and Wanted: Weapons of Fate for the 360 for those that want it. There are three ways to win, the first is to post a comment here on the forum. The second, follow ButtonMasherNZ on Twitter and retweet the appropriate tweet. Third, be a fan of ButtonMasher on Facebook and post a comment on the competition post.

Each way gets you an entry.