Its time to get down, and possibly dirty, with some Motorstorm action.

The tournament will be held on Sunday night at 8pm, if you’d like to participate jump over to the forum (here) and add your name to the list of people wanting to take part. Once you’ve done this just send a friend request to Brianemone on the PSN and we’ll race some trucks/cars/bikes together.

Sony would like to share with you some tactical love, not to be confused with tactile love which would probably get them involved in a lot of lawsuits. We have three copies to give away and the way you can win them is outlined in the latest podcast (found here).


In the podcast we mention how to win a copy, just follow our directions and post your entry (here) in the forum.

Here are the details for the Wingman tournament this Sunday.

There will be four elimination rounds followed by a final round. The elimination rounds will start at 8pm with Group A kicking off first. To get into the games one of the team just needs to add the gamertag BrianemoneNZ to their friends list and invites will be sent out at start time.

Settings and more info are after the break.

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It’s far too late to think of something funny or interesting to write.


We have three copies of S.O.C.O.M Confrontation to give away so have a listen to find out how to win.


Who’s excited about Dante’s Inferno? Did you know that Dante is the name of one of the “gamers” in WCGs Ultimate Gamer? Weird huh? Also: Secret World. It’s a world that you don’t know about, because it’s secret. ALSO: Grass Jelly. It has your daily requirement of both GRASS and JELLY. And most of the jelly ends up at the bottom of the can refusing to come out.


Oh, and this week Gino is substituting for Gar this week, because Gar is a jerk who somehow prioritises watching Dragonball Evolution over the recording of quality entertainment.