There’s always plenty to talk about when screenshots of an upcoming game are released, we get right into the minutia of the new Call of Duty screens and also gaze forward into the future to look at what is on the gaming horizon, i.e Crackdown 2!

This week a GaR free podcast, and we experience both perfection and discovery, next week? Probably some little creatures.

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Wugga doesn’t have a computer at the moment, so most of this weeks podcast came via GaR’s programming services and a piece of paper.

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I don’t think it was the alcohol, but it definitely could have been the Chili that caused the incongruence of this podcast. There are plenty of words, but how much is really being said?

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If you ignore the song at the end then I would say that this is probably one of the least offensive podcasts in a long while.

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Spirit Tracks

When we say, “It’s a Zelda game.  Of course it’s going to be good,” what do we mean?  Is it the level of polish in a Zelda title that makes a high score a given?  Is it the middle-of-the-road charms, the familiar formula?  Why are people so passively enthusiastic about a Zelda release?  At this point, we’ve all played this outline before; in an industry where novelty is king, why is Zelda still the same game?

The diminishing sales of the games speak volumes about our growing frustration with the franchise.  From a high point at Ocarina of Time, the series has trailed towards lower and lower numbers — only Twilight Princess has come close to Ocarina’s seven million sold.  And considering that there have been ten other Zelda games released since the Nintendo 64 ground-breaker, this is perhaps a call to action.  Rumor has it that the next Wii Zelda game will be a reinvention of the series.  Until then, we’re in for more formula.

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Here we go again.

Things may be given away in this podcast.

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Is there a special someone on your friends list, someone with whom you would like to share some alone time? Perhaps create a memento to signify your feelings? The future holds good news for you. Not only this, but also, heres a podcast where we speculate what offspring would result if a leading video game developer were to co-opulate with one of the writers on this site.

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About a year or so back NetGuide amalgamated its video game portion of its business into the mothership and stopped printing a stand alone mag, it was a little bit sad to see the only competitor to GameFreakz taken out of the lime light (even it it might have reached more individual readers).

Today the company announced that it would be relaunching as its own entity again. Good news for the local gaming readers and hopefully for those involved in the venture.

To make up for our short comings in producing podcasts over the last three weeks we talked lots tonight. Talked about life, love, youth and bacon covered in sugar. Oh, and the weather in hell? It’s getting cold, real cold.

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Video games are a great form of escapism, but at what point do you draw the line? Turns out Japanese folk might draw theirs a little further out than us here in New Zealand.

I caught this on Sarcastic Gamer…….. no, it’s not a joke, it is a CNN news piece, and we all know corporate US TV has no sense of humour, other than Fox of course. The thing is, I am not sure if the fake wedding to a video game character disturbs me more than the Panda playing the keyboard. Story is old I think but I don’t remember posting it. And I definitely didn’t see the panda first time around.