It’s post MashUp and pre SFIV tournament, we have a talk about the new Gears of War DLC and the Gears book that GaR has just finished. Fat Princess manages a mention as does another game that Gino is playing. We hope you all enjoy our new contribution to the english language.

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In a very strange turn of events, adventure games have become popular again! First a remake of The Secret of Monkey Island, a new Monkey Island game from Telltale and LucasArts re-releases on Steam. Now news comes that Beneath a Steel Sky is being remastered for the iPhone and may even be brought to other online avenues such as PSP Go and DSiWare.

Nothing about the art sounds like it will be updated unfortunately, but there will be new fully animated cut-scenes, improved audio and of course touch controls. This adventure game from 1994 even seems to have a loyal following in our forums. Revolution Software’s new handheld division, Revolution Pocket, also say that they may be inclined to make a sequel if the game sells well. How crazy is that!? By the way you can download the original game for free from Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered will be released on the App store sometime this month.

Back in the Tron and casting it like we’ve been doing it for years.

This week we cover some on Scribblenauts, talk about Darksiders and then luxuriate in the awesomeness of Shatter. GaR gets grumpy, Brian gets bored, and Wugga avoids, here is this weeks effort at infiltrating your portable media devices so you never leave the house with a little Masher in your pocket.

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Nintendo of Australia (and New Zealand) yesterday announced that 100,000 DSi units have been moved in Australia since the launch 14 weeks ago. New Zealand falls within the the Australian Nintendo arm, but as far as sales figures are concerned, these are probably Australia only figures, with the data coming from GfK Australia.

In comparison, the DS Lite took 18 weeks to shift 100,000 units, and the Wii took 28 weeks to achieve that figure. No comment was offered by Nintendo with regards the volume of DSiWare sales.


Last week we made note of the appearance of the triforce logo (from Zelda, BorDAr) in several of Google’s "doodle" banner images that appear on dates of special significance such as Nikola Tesla’s birthday. It appears that Google has turned to the dark side, and has gone back and scrubbed out the offending logos from the various doodles in which it has featured previously.

The artist alleged to have included the triforce in the doodles is Susie Sahim, who has previously been snapped dressing up as Link (see image after the break). The triforce logos have now also disappeared from Susie’s own website, which shows some of the doodles she has designed for the Google page.

Only in China?

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