bejeweled3 The king of the casual game returns. Bejeweled.
PopCap are now selling Bejeweled 3 for $19.95 (USD) over on its website (or on Steam).

As well as the classic game it also features new modes: Quest mode has a variety of different challenges from freeing butterflies to digging for treasure.
Zen mode brings you a full meditation experience! It includes options for binaural beats, subliminal messages, breathing measurement, and ambient noises.

Get your 60 minute trial here for Mac or PC. Knowing PopCap, it’s going to eventually find its way onto every platform under the sun. Please make my Christmas PopCap, and get it ported to iPhone before the end of the year…

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Hate mail isn’t something we normally receive, I guess people just don’t care enough about things. In a round about way this could probably be considered my form of hate mail.

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So this is it, the last episode of season three — episode five. The Devil’s Playhouse drawing to a close. Following up Beyond The Alley of the Dolls, Max is transformed into a giant beast roaming New York City. And it’s up to Sam and friends to restore Max to his original yappy self.

Surprise, surprise, there are no psychic powers to play with this time. Though you will encounter some remnants of them in unexpected ways. As with the other episode titles this season, this one’s based on a film — The City That Never Sleeps.

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Did you know that Wugga doesn’t like Coffee? Not only that but he doesn’t like the flavour of coffee in things like cakes. Crazy huh.

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While 2K Marin was left to take care of BioShock 2, Irrational Games was sneakily working on the third BioShock game. And guess what, it takes place in the sky! First exploding RC cars, and now flying cities — videogames are crazy!

So BioShock Infinite. The story takes place in 1912, a good 30 years before Rapture was built. Your character actually talks and has a personality, and you also get an AI companion. So it might not have the same creepy atmosphere as the first two titles, but change is good, and that’s what the industry should be about. It’s scheduled to drop sometime in 2012, so hopefully Levine and Co. can finish it before the world is destroyed by meteors or something.

These epic CGI trailers are a bit too common these days, but there’s one after the break if you care to look.

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And you thought they couldn’t possibly trump the night vision goggles. The prestige edition for Treyarch’s new game contains… a remote controlled car!

And it’s no ordinary RC car either, it’s a fully equipped “surveillance vehicle” with a microphone and video camera that transmits back to the controller. The car also features as a killstreak reward in Black Ops’ multiplayer.

Sure it’s about as useless as the night vision goggles — I mean how discrete really is an RC car? But if you want to plunk down your money on one, the opportunity’s there…

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A record number of podcastulators this week, James comes back, and I even manage to show up.


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