The internet has been stuck in this broken record type situation ever since the release, and subsequent success, of the Wii. Last year almost everyone seemed convinced that Microsoft would announce some form of motion tracking device to be used on the 360, there has also been talk that Sony were intending on doing something similar. The rumours continue again with Variety and Engadget reporting from “various sources” that both parties are planning E3 announcements.

Colour me sceptical but I hope these don’t prove true for the mere fact that I am sick of hearing the same rumours over and over again. This combined with the fact that I remain less than enthusiastic about motion based gaming means that if they do prove true I will be a tough customer to win over. The only thing that gives me a glimmer of hope in this situation is the fact that Microsoft has now in its employment Johnny Lee, you remember him? Oh and we can’t forget the EyePet, I love that little monkey hamster.

Time will tell.

This weeks podcast is light on news but Gino gets the chance he has been gagging for, an indepth explanation of his secret dirty little passion.


We have a new competition which is both easy, fun, and rewarding. Then at the end of the podcast there is a special treat, the closing song is cut short to make space for something a little different.


King of Kong was the best video game related documentary I’ve ever watched, it may even be the best documentary full stop. There is no doubting that the portrayal of the people involved was slightly scewed in favour of the underdog but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to give Steve Wiebe a huge like a big teddy bear.


This year at E3 Wiebe is going to attempt to break Billy Mitchells record once and for all. The attempt will be televised live on G4 in the states and while we might not be able to watch it live down under the fact that such an iconic title is still drawing publicity gives me hope that E-Sport isn’t all about the sponsors and other such WCG shenanigans.

On my way to work this morning I was listening to the always entertaining (but never frequent) Bungie Podcast.  As you are probably aware, “Bungie Day” was a couple of days ago and a lot of the discussion was about that and the free (ish) Cold Storage map.  However at the end of the Podcast an interesting little exchange happened.

Brian Jarrard: “Isn’t there something going on July 14th, or something like that?”

Luke Smith: “Yeah, around then.”

Brian Jarrard: “Somehow that’s sticking in my head for some reason. Guess we’ll have to see,”

Luke Smith:  “Yep, we’ll just have to.”

July 14th just so happens to be the day Microsoft will hold its E3 press conference.  Will this be the Peter Jackson Project mentioned so long ago?  Or perhaps a new project altogether?