E3 stuff. It’s going on. Jason has been representing ButtonMasher pretty hard, and even put together a great concise podcast with his cohort summing up their first hand accounts of the conferences and the miscellaneous sights and sounds of gaming. SPOILER: They pronounce it “Button Masher dot co dot en zee”


E3 madness is here and there’s far too much to talk about to allow us to present a cohesive and concise podcast covering it all. So enjoy this one instead!

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

We just got back from a lovely party over in downtown Los Angeles, which managed to nearly redeem the rather depressing Microsoft conference earlier that day. One of the Summer of Arcade 2011 titles, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, stood out.

An unbelievably beautiful Metroidvania title, perhaps most reminiscent to the indie title Aquaria (which I love). Michel Gagne (of Iron Giant fame) was there, the most non-jaded developer I’ve ever met; he was incredibly passionate about his title and the gaming industry in general, which he has only recently entered. Continue reading

No Philipino yam based spreads this week, instead we focus on the Crackdown 2 Demo.

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It’s been a big E3 2010 for Gran Turismo fans. Not only have we been finally given a release date but we’ve also been given a flood of new juicy information. Some of which may have slipped under the radar. Below is a list of confirmed features that will be in the final retail version of Gran Turismo 5.

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Recorded mid E3 and then lost in the deepest darkest recesses of my glovebox comes this weeks ButtonMasher Podcast.

Ube sounds delicious doesn’t it?

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Final Fantasy XIV.

The private demonstration was broken up into three phases, giving us a robust look at the sprawling, massive title.

Phase 1 was character creation. I essentially didn’t care about this section, and our time was limited, so I implored my guide to skip immediately to Phase 2.

Phase 2 was a guided tour around the beautiful city of Limsa Lominsa. It was a triple, wide-screen monitor setup in 3-D (he still would not confirm 3-D for the final product, but really, why not?), which was pretty awesome. He directed me around the absolutely beautiful city, keen to highlight the new lighting engine. He showed off the Adventurer’s Guild (where Guildleve quests are received), the Culinarian’s Guild, and some random points of interest throughout the city. I was using a standard PS3 controller, though a keyboard and mouse was arranged in front of me, and it was perfectly natural.

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It’s here you Zelda geeks. Setting up the Nintendo conference, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword makes full use of the MotionPlus controller. Lots of swinging and gesture controls for each of Link’s gadgets. Miyamoto ran into a few technical hiccups during the presentation but it appears it was wireless interference (that was his excuse anyway!).

Due out next year.

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After lying through the teeth about not attending E3 this year, David Jaffe took the stage at the end of the Sony press conference. But not before an ice cream truck drove on stage with a Sweet Tooth impersonator behind the wheel. So there we go, a new Twisted Metal Game for PS3!

The game looks pretty rad, featuring helicopters, sniper rifles and a new game mode that looks like a lot of fun. Trailer and gameplay videos after the break.

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The following trailer was unveiled at the Sony conference of all places. GLaDOS announced the incoming surprise which was none other than head of Valve, Gabe Newell, who had previously said some nasty things about the PlayStation 3 hardware.

Gabe announced Portal 2 coming to PS3 in 2011, along with some exclusive Steam features. Not really sure what that means but consider me intrigued.

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