We all thought that it would arrive last year at E3, it didn’t, but it was announced this morning after a slightly spoilerish leak on an Italian site. It’s black, like the Elite, but also very shiny, lots of fingerprint defilement potential coming to a store near you soon. The release date is set for July the 9th at a price of $499 RRP. Built in Wifi N, a 250GB hard drive and an included Head set make it the most feature-ific Xbox we’ve seen to date.

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(UPDATE): The Microsoft event is currently taking place which confirms that it is now called Kinect, and that the game I thought would be awesome looks awesome.

According to USA Today, the peripheral formally known as Project Natal will be officially called Kinect. There is a trademark for the term filed by Microsoft in late April for “computer software, computer hardware, and computer peripherals.” The term Kinect also appears in an Italian Xbox ad. These do seem to indicate pretty strongly that Kinect will be the name from now on.  Sounds a bit meh to me but what do I know, I dont get paid a tonne of money to come up with names for products. We’ll find out in mere hours anyway. USA Today also has a list of games that are built for it. Continue reading


With E3 right around the corner it’s time to get your bets on. June 15-17 – are you ready?

Each year the big three have their press conferences where they will be showing off games, unveiling some for the first time etc. And many games will be playable on the show floor.

It’s a big old spectacle and I love every minute of it, even when I’m just watching from home – 6702 miles away.

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Blazing Birds! Magic! Rocket Riot! The Sims! All these games and more get glossed over because Brian’s feeling a little off. Also, there’s a terrible ‘interview’ with a Left 4 Dead 2 developer, but the PS3 prize package is growing! Someone needs to do something worthy of winning it, otherwise EVERYONE’S declared to be losers.

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