This year’s behemoth of a game, another end to a trilogy that also started in this generation, is finally here; if there’s a more widely anticipated game coming this year, I’m not aware of it. Many familiar faces return, some just for cameo appearances, others for something more substantial, but it’ll be a short reunion, as the singular theme that runs throughout is that this is a bleak, do-or-die, last ditch effort finale. Continue reading


Mario Kart 7 was one of the most highly anticipated titles for the Nintendo 3DS console even before its launch was officially announced. While there was obvious disappointment that MK7 couldn’t be a “killer” title to launch alongside the 3DS, most would have conceded that it would be better to wait until the game was ready and perfected, rather than to risk a rushed release.

Mario Kart DS was one of the best games on the DS, which is saying something when there was such a solid library of titles of the 3DS predecessor. Selling over 20 million copies worldwide, it is still a title in reasonable demand for those who have recently acquired the DS hardware. The Mario Kart family has always had a solid reputation for quality, playability, and, above all, fun, and Mario Kart 7 does not disappoint. While it may not be enough to make you purchase a 3DS just to play it, anyone with a 3DS should consider it a “must-have” title for the console.

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Developers Bethesda know their stuff, the massive games they repeatedly turn out are responsible for some big time chunks missing in my life.

Oblivion, the first game I bought with my first 360 and wow, that was a jaw dropper even though now a respect for Oblivion can be met with some derision. Personally I sank in excess of 120 hours into that game just messing about before I even started the main quest, which incidentally still sits on my shelf waiting for that day I hear the call to arms.

Fallout 3 and the subsequent New Vegas were in similar boats, however New Vegas didn’t catch me quite as much as Fallout did so I still have a lot of ground to cover there. Fallout 3 did scratch that itch and saw yet another playthrough I’m excess of 100 hours. On this occasion, I did finish the main quest as it was reasonably short, although I did wait until the game changing DLC dropped that left the world open once you had beaten the quest.

Now we have Skyrim, or rather Skyrim has us – by the short and curlies. Continue reading

It seems that all the motion gaming platforms need a faux-lightgun shooter, and the Kinect has the unique dilemma of not having a controller to wave around and pretend is some kind of strangely weightless gun. Playing to the strengths of the Kinect is no easy task, and juggling a sense of disconnect from reality and a little latency doesn’t usually lend itself to high flying action. Twisted Pixel’s marionette western does the best with what may not be the best fit.

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sotdbannerWhenever I see the name “Shadows Of The Damned”, the hit single “Shadows Of The Night” by the immortal Pat Benetar starts playing in my head. This doesn’t really say anything about the game except that it has perhaps a rather generic name. It’s a game about a demon hunter named Garcia Hotspur, who follows his girlfriend and her many-eyed kidnapper into the underworld. That premise, also sounds rather generic, but the truth defies simplicity in this case. Continue reading

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I sat down to start writing this review early on Queens Birthday and as anyone in Canterbury will know we were hit by some pretty serious aftershocks that day. So after comforting the family, cleaning up the house, and local businesses, here I am after several stiff drinks trying to get my thoughts back in line to write this review. So to avoid any confusion from my following ramblings, I’ll say right now than I really enjoyed Red Faction: Armageddon even if it is a bit on the short side.

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nzBrowncoat brings us the lowdown on Crysis 2. Originally posted over on Browncoat’s blog, Interactive Nonsense.

They say clothes maketh the man.  In the case of Crysis 2 they maketh you an invisible death-dealing supersoldier. Crysis 2 is a first-person shooter that uses interesting suit abilities and brilliant visuals, to be a bit of a powerhouse for PC and console gamers alike.

Crysis was the great looking game that few played, due to the demanding PC requirements. Its second outing is a bit more market-friendly, coming to the PC in a usable form, while also being released for console gamers too. From what I can gather the story loosely follows on from the first but I say this early on, if you are looking for a powerful narrative this ain’t the place to look. Continue reading


It’s been a long time between drinks for the F1 franchise.  Not since F1 CE on the PS3 have we had a officially licensed opportunity to race our favourite F1 cars around some of the most glamorous and spectacular circuits in the world. Racing veterans Codemasters have secured the rights to the F1 series and utilizing a modified version of their tried and tested NEON engine called EGO, we now have their latest attempt at a F1 racer.

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It’s always going to be the last Halo game isn’t it? I’m sure I finished the fight already, then last year I had to revisit New Mombasa to clean up the city a little bit, and now I find myself travelling even further back in the Halo annals to relive the period of the fall of Reach. I thought that all the fun from the Halo universe had been tapped and ready to be filed along with other once great franchises that took it a little too far in search of recapturing its original appeal and a few assured bucks to stuff into an already bulging wallet. Turns out Bungie thinks a little differently than I, good thing they had some good ideas to back up this 6th entry into the franchise.

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You may not have heard of Black Rock Studios before but they’ve been around a while, had a name change or two and have created a handful of racing games including 2008’s quad bike blast of fun, Pure. If you still don’t recognise the name and merely know of Split/Second from the demo that released earlier in the year, you will be excused for thinking they were the guys behind the Burnout series. In fact, it’s hard to ignore the similarities. Is that a bad thing or have Black Rock Studios stumbled upon their best idea yet?

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