Making their self publishing debut on the Playstation Store is Shatter from Sidhe, a break out game in the style of nothing I’ve ever played before. Our video focuses on the main points of the game to give you a feel for what to expect when you download it, and you should download it. But there is a lot more that could be explained, like how intricately the boss battles have been designed, how challenging it is to work out angles of reflection on the fly, the combination of pure simple block breaking or the extreme pace of having multiple balls on the fly.

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We recently attended a preview event with a few upcoming games on show.  I drew the short straw and got a hands-on with Red Steel 2 to write up.  Or at least that’s how it appeared at the time.  In all honesty this game caught me by surprise.  Having been burnt by the first game, I really did not expect much at all.  The first Red Steel was a Wii launch title, and while not a terrible game it was certainly not great (or good) either. It was bogged down by some performance issues and controlled relatively poorly. One would think that a game switching between a sword and hand gun would be perfect for the Wii, but alas the lack of fidelity in the Wiimote controls were really brought to light and the game suffered for it.  Red Steel 2 was built on a new game engine and requires the Wii Motion Plus peripheral. The demo I played through ran silky smooth. My research indicates that its locked at 60 frames per second, and it looks great.

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I’ve been amassing a small stockpile of PS3 titles that I think has reached critical mass and now need to be given away. There are a few Singstar titles along with the new Wireless microphones and some other games like LittleBigPlanet, KillZone 2, inFamous, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Warhawk, and Buzz Quiz TV.

The details on how to enter the competition are in the last two podcasts, here and here.

Sony NZ have given us two copies of inFamous to give away along with three copies of the limited edition artbook comic that is not available in New Zealand. To win all you need to do is post a comment on this post stating what power you would like to have if you were exposed to some silly contraption that turned you into a PokeMan like elemental being.

Be sure to sign up using your real email address as that is how I will contact the winners.

At a recent visit to Take 2 in Auckland, Brian and I were treated to some gameplay footage with developer commentary of the sequel to everyone’s much-loved 1950s underwater romp, Bioshock. Any game that comes out as a sequel to a title that garnered as much critical praise as Bioshock did will have some Big Daddy, underwater-diving-suit-size shoes to fill, and after we learnt that the original visionary, Ken Levine wasn’t going to be involved, there was some understandable cynicism. After the video was over however, I think it was safe to say that it’s acceptable to be extremely curious in Bioshock 2.

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The underground world of crime in the US has been glorified in movies and games for years, the golden era of such illegitimate activities was obviously the post war era that brought us such folk “heroes” as Carlo Gambino, Frank Costello and Vito Genovese.

While some might say that gangs are responsible for much ill in the world we fortunately do not need to start that discussion as this is gaming website and we are going to talk about the games that they inspired, pure and simple, its about fun, not whether you want to run a prostitution racket out of your neighbourhood in real life. Mafia II is the sequel to the original by Illusion Softworks (now 2K Czech).

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The title more or less sums thing up doesn’t it? Well I’ll elaborate anyway because that’s people are here for.


The demo arrived early this morning and while I was disappointed that it wasn’t the full game (hint hint Sony) I was glad to finally get my hands on a game that I first saw at E3 last year and have been wondering about ever since. Wether or not this “Demo” that Sony sent us is the demo that will be available soon remains to be seen but I would expect the full demo to be a little longer.

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There comes a time in every ones life where they must face up to long held secret hopes and find out if they are true or if they are in fact false.


It turns out that I am not likely to ever be a famous singer, that’s ok though because thanks to the glut of musical games on the market at the moment I can live my dreams out at home and upload my videos either to Youtube or in the case of SingStar directly to the Singstar community site.

What follows after the break is Wugga and Myself talking/singing about the new SingStar wireless microphones and the new SingStar Pop title.

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