Our story about crippling Xbox Live download speeds struck a chord with many Xbox 360 gamers, but also revealed somewhat surprisingly that some lucky souls are managing to get very good speeds when downloading from the Xbox Live Marketplace. You will recall that we raised concerns about horrendously slow downloads from the Xbox Live network – 16 hours to download a 328Mb map pack, for example.

The concern is that apart from the fact that these speeds are entirely unacceptable, users are not complaining of speed issues for the rest of their broadband usage. That is – their speed issues are isolated to Xbox Live, and completely out of proportion to their other broadband speeds. Furthermore, it seemed that this was affecting users across different ISPs and at all times of the day, rather than only during “peak” periods.

Xbox New Zealand have responded to our concerns, saying that:

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EA have given us the oppurtunity to fire a few questions across to their Redwood Shores Studio and Executive Producer/Creative Director Jonathan Knight and find out some more about Dante’s Inferno.


In the questions I wanted to find out about the tie in with the poetic works that the game takes its name from and also look at how it will set itself apart from other third person adventure games that have released in the last year or so. The full interview is after the break.

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We do have some smart/talented people that have started working on a new site design, we hope to have it up as soon as possible while still making sure it is working properly.


We hope you enjoyed the MuttonBasher day of news as much as we did putting it together.

We promised a redesign, and now we deliver a new way of life.


For the longest time we have sat as watched as niche gaming sites started from obscurity and created a place for themselves in the world of the internets. No more will we sit idly by while the HardCoreMennoniteGaming.com and the HermaphroditicGamers.net establish themselves, now is the time of Sheep loving gamers.


Awesome news is awesome! What is probably one of the very few things that could have added longevity and replayability to what was for most people a game choca full of value, Multiplayer has been semi confirmed for Dead Rising 2 in a panel at GDC by the project manager from the studio charged with creating the sequel.

IGN have reported that during the panel technical details surrounding the clothing textures and character models it was mentioned that the game would handle up to 800 individual zombies onscreen at any time or 600 in multiplayer. I can’t think of anything else that would be more likely to drive me to purchase Dead Rising 2, kicking Zombie ass is one thing, doing it with a mate is something altogether more insanely fun.

Kicking ass, I do it all the time, but at least on the weekends, unless I’m working or need to spend some time with the kids and never when it’s raining, that would be careless. Honestly, the frequency with which ass is kicked by me is very rare indeed, but Rag Doll Kung Foo: Fists of Plastic or RDKF does it almost every time it is turned on, all except for it’s inaugural game play in fact.


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At GDC two new contenders have thrown their hats in the ring and signalled their intentions on running with the big boys, at it’s base the method is similar but they promise very different distinct experiences.


The first and probably more likely to ever eventuate at a real contender is called OnLive. The product is the brainchild of Rearden Studios who developed a unique motion capture system that was used in Benjamin Button. The new “console” is intended to allow users to plug it in to their existing PC and then play the most current games without needing the hardware to run the game on your own computer. The service/device named OnLive is a device that transmits input data from the end user and receives the picture that is displayed on your display. The computing and game information is all processed remotely by the provider of the service.

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It’s here! The EB Games exclusive, Microsoft Limited Edition, Resident Evil 5 Themed, Red Xbox 360.

ButtonMasher presents the world’s first consumer unboxing. Basically it’s what Major Nelson did – only better! 😉

Click after the break for the full package details, including confirmation of the Jasper chipset, and a peek at the fans that were used in this making of this console.

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