Mirror’s Edge has gained massive attention since the first trailer debuted earlier in the year and it is one of the titles on my radar that I am following with an almost religious fervour. As you probably already know the game is set in a near future society governed by a heavy handed government that controls a lot more than the amount of fluoride in your drinking water.

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P1020956 It’s not often we get to play games of such a high reputation and caliber so early before release, so it goes without saying that I was excited to try out Gears 2, not only as a gamer (and fan of the first game) but also as a person that puts words to page on the internet.

There were two multiplayer game modes available to try, versus mode in the form of Guardian on the snow bound map Avalanche and the recently announced Hoard on a map that I didn’t catch the name of.

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dreeves Next week at E3, Sony are holding an event that will surely be of interest to a lot of gamers in NZ (and in other Pal regions for that matter). On Wednesday night there will be a Pal specific media reception, SCEE president David Reeves will be present and will offer an update on PAL specific news and will also hang around for a bit for informal interviews.

My mission is to track him down, jump on him and steal his watch, after I ask him a few questions. My question to you is what do you want to know? Jump over to the forums here and post some Q’s

Just last week Wugga and I took the opportunity to sit down with SCE New Zealand’s Sales and Marketing Manager to discuss what he is looking forward to for the rest of the year and what surprises Sony might have in store for us at E3 and beyond.

While talking about the price point of the PS3 Dave hints at something in the near future that might put a smile on the face’s of a few gamers while talking about the price of the PS3.Will PS2 games be available to download via the PSN at some point? Also how is the PS3 tracking compared to the PS2 last gen, and are the signs pointing to the same success this time around.

NB: Some of you might have listened to this in the last Geekpulp Podcast.

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buttonmasherbutton Greetings friends and welcome to Button Masher, New Zealands newest, sexiest and most dedicated gaming site. Many here already know who we are and what we stand for but let’s start off from the top for the benefit of those that are not sure what they have stumbled across.

Button Masher is currently comprised of nine very dedicated writers and a great community of gamers that is very active in the New Zealand gaming scene. We often get together to play online matches and when possible meet up for more gaming and sometimes a beverage or two. This site is dedicated to these people, who like ourselves want to know what is happening in the gaming world at large.

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