It’s not very often that I would replace a built-in OS application with one developed by a third party. When it happens it is usually out sheer frustration or repugnance (eg. Internet Explorer), and rarely it comes about due to an application being so remarkable that installing it is the only logical choice.

Apple’s Mail application for OS X Lion has come a long way since version 1.0, and has been a pleasure to use particularly in the full-screen mode which Lion supports. It functions well, with no major annoyances to push me to look for any alternative. However Mail’s days are limited on my Macs, now that Sparrow has arrived with a simple mission – “Get mail done”.

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The concept of a multi-display desk setup has been around for some time now, with the idea being that we can be more productive when we have more screen real estate and separate screen areas to work within. Mostly the benefits tend to come from removing all those non-work related windows away from a dedicated work space, so that we can be productive without having content pop-ups whenever a friend/colleague/family member signs in/updates status/tweets/sends a chat message.

Some of us don’t have a multi-display setup for whatever reason, but what many of us do have these days is an iOS device. Thankfully, there’s an app for that – made by Avatron Software and called Air Display.

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“Gosh, that’s a nice looking screen,” I said silently to myself. “…and the first thing you’ll notice,” said Dave Hine, preparing to lead me quickly through the bulleted list of features, “is the stunning five inch, OLED display.” He wasn’t a mind reader; right off the bat the most striking thing about the Vita is the visual fidelity it offers, but there’s plenty of things beyond the screen to be interested in. Continue reading

What’s that? I thought.  I was at Sony’s Playstation Experience event, having just played some Battlefield 3 single player for the first time.  A few metres away, a man was sitting in front of a high def TV, wearing what looked very much like a VR headset.  Were those still a thing?  I had flashbacks to the mid ’90s, when a thirteen-year-old me would read and reread articles in PC Gamer about the latest VR technology, 320×240 pixel displays atwinkle in my mind’s eye.

The screen the headset-wearing man was not looking at (though he was facing it with apparently rapt attention) was showing an unexciting little montage of… well, mostly a dude wearing the same headset.  Also, explosions (and, Wugga claims, a Police officer break-dancing on the bonnet of a car).  At last I noticed that he held a Dualshock controller.  He was playing a game.  I insinuated myself into line for a turn.  I was not going to miss out on the chance to fullfil a need I just that moment realised I had harboured for more than half my life.

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As of August 22nd, the RRP of the 160gb PS3 will drop to $479.95 incl GST, and the 320gb unit to $579.95 incl GST.

I say it’s long overdue.  Anecdotally, the PS3’s higher price has cost it a lot of sales against the Xbox 360.  This move can’t help but boost the PS3’s performance in the marketplace.

Also announced is the price of the Playstation 3D monitor, at $849.95 incl GST.  This unit allows the innovative fullscreen / splitscreen mode for multiplayer on a single screen, though it seems fairly pricey for a 24″ display.

After the break is the full price list announced at the SCE media conference in Cologne.

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Rumour: Reports are circuiting that the UMD’less PSPgo production has been cancelled and that no more units will be sent to retail. It safe to say the PSPgo hasn’t been well received by gamers, the high price tag and limited (compared with UMD) games available on the PlayStation Store has meant the console has been fighting a uphill battle. I believe the PSPgo was never created as a replacement for the current model PSP 3000 but as a alternative for those wanting a more portable portable. Part of me is sad to see it end this way. As a happy PSPgo owner (once the price dropped) I can confirm it really is a impressive piece of kit. But perhaps I’m the minority. RIP little buddy.

Hate mail isn’t something we normally receive, I guess people just don’t care enough about things. In a round about way this could probably be considered my form of hate mail.

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Did you know that Wugga doesn’t like Coffee? Not only that but he doesn’t like the flavour of coffee in things like cakes. Crazy huh.

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A record number of podcastulators this week, James comes back, and I even manage to show up.


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The one where GaR speaks on the topic of Katy Perry, only briefly though.

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