Wugga doesn’t have a computer at the moment, so most of this weeks podcast came via GaR’s programming services and a piece of paper.

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If you ignore the song at the end then I would say that this is probably one of the least offensive podcasts in a long while.

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Demos are wonderful things. They allow one to determine if a game is the a horrible mess of failed execution (did Too Human have a demo?), or if it actually deserves your hard-earned currency. Unfortunately, they can be a bit of a pain; they involve downloading, which we hear is totally not cool. Modern consoles have streamlined the process a bit, as has Steam, but the installation process can take an exceptional amount of time depending on the size of the game.

People who are presumably smart have realized these inherent flaws, and these days, we have a couple of newer options available. Puzzle Quest 2 now has a demo available to play on Facebook, a very familiar feeling to those veterans of the first. Another company, InstantAction, has just released their streaming content system by which developers can simply embed full game demos on webpages, as one would a YouTube video. Neither of these things require downloading (do not contradict us!).

Truly, it is the future.

Is there a special someone on your friends list, someone with whom you would like to share some alone time? Perhaps create a memento to signify your feelings? The future holds good news for you. Not only this, but also, heres a podcast where we speculate what offspring would result if a leading video game developer were to co-opulate with one of the writers on this site.

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It’s a full house again this week, GaR returns from the netherworld of riding his bike, Wugga gets cornered at his own house, and well, I remembered.

Podcast Go!

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Don’t worry, I cut out the 5 minute preamble of chatter about Roald Dahl and discrimination against Oompa Loompa’s. Enjoy

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It’s time. It’s podcast time.

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When Microsoft announced Project Natal it was received with as much enthusiasm as scepticism. The fact that it now has publishers and developers already working on future titles that will utilise it can only point towards the fact that the gaming industry is going to get behind it, perhaps in the hope that it will line some pockets with cash money.

Past the break is the list of Publishers already prepping content for the camera experience.

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