drivin force gt 2Oh joy, I finally got my hands on the Logitech Driving Force GT, the official wheel of Gran Turismo.

This review has taken a while to write, for a few reasons. Poor old New Zealand had a few supply issues upon release and it took a fair few weeks before they were readily available, and also because I wanted to spend a lot of time with the wheel to get a good feel for it and forge a strong opinion.

Read on to see if this wheel’s for you.

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IMG_0003 If your relaxing on the couch and want to check up on some gaming news but don’t want to get up to use the computer, fear not! If you have your Mobile, iPhone, iPod Touch, PSP or Wii handy you can check out ButtonMasher without worrying about it not working properly.

The trimmed down version of the site will give you the bulk of the info without the surrounding fat, it shouldn’t take too much getting used to and we will be pimping it a little in the near future so that the visuals have a little more ButtonMasher flavour.


guitar_hero_ds_box490 Guitar Hero is a rhythm game that will be familiar to everyone reading this review. Using a toy guitar controller, press buttons representing guitar frets using the fingers of one hand, and strum with the other in time with the song, simulating the playing of a real guitar. It is a phenomenon that has proved highly successfully worldwide. Guitar Hero: On Tour brings the series to a portable platform for the first time, and as the name suggests, allows wannabe guitar heroes to take their band on the road – “on tour”.

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blackbox I have kids and they are noisy I also have a tendency to loose focus easily when there is a lot of noise, these to things combined with my love for gaming and desire to not blast the surround system when the kids are in bed leads to the need for a good quality headphone.

My first encounter with the Blackbox product range was on the way back from Singapore, I complained about the noise to the editor from Gameplanet and he showed me his headphones. At first I thought they were just another noise maker but when a little switch was flicked on the side of the left cup the deep rumbling of the jet engine disappeared and all that was left was the chatter of an overactive mind.

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ea-logo Today EA has announced it’s launch lineup of games for the iPhone. As of tomorrow, those of you who have taken the exorbitant prices on the chin and purchased an iPhone, will be able to download EA Sodoku and Tetris. Not exactly a stellar launch lineup from EA, but you have to remember the unique capabilities of the iPhone through the use of the touch screen with no external buttons. If you are relocating to the US or Canada anytime soon, you will be able to download Scrabble as well. EA has also previously announced that a native version of Spore will be released in September when the game launches across all platforms. Exciting stuff, but not worth the 6K cost of Vodafone plan you will need to pay over two years. The games are also available for iPod touch.

I imagine the Vodafone head office was a tense place to work yesterday.  With some of the most extortionate iPhone pricing in the world announced, and an impending interview on Campbell Live, who would draw the short straw?  Who would have to face John Campbell and be torn to shreds on television for the overpriced plans?

It was Mark Rushworth who drew the short straw.  He turned up to Campbell Live with a grim face, a clenched jaw, like a soldier marching to war; determined to do his duty, hoping but not expecting to survive.

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