We all remember the untimely closure of Bizarre Creations. Well, I’m hoping you can cast your minds back to mid-February. The folks at Eurogamer interview three new indie studios, all of which were started up in Liverpool by Bizarre Creations employees.

In the mini-documentary, the developers from each new studio talk about the failures of working on AAA games, and their dreams of working in smaller teams again. The Lucid Games team is shown amid construction, inside what is soon to be their new studio. Curly Rocket is run by one man, while HogRocket is a three-musketeers operation. All three studios promise to deliver smaller downloadable titles.

The studio in Liverpool which used to house Bizarre Games, is still occupied, with a few developers left behind now simply working on tech for Activision. A depressing end, but hopefully some good will come out of these new indie studios.

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The best of luck to Lucid GamesCurly Rocket and Hogrocket. May you create games that we cherish, and of course, spend money on.


Being a relatively small country on a global scale, it’s always nice to see the occasional NZ developed iOS app appear on the App Store. Even more so when when it was coded by our very own ButtonMasher community member Aaron Koolen-Bourke. That’s right – in a ButtonMasher first, a “Masher” has created his own iOS game and put it out there in the massive App Store marketplace for the bargain price of $1.29 (NZD).

It’s called Trapit, and really does have all the elements required to make a great game. Original gameplay, simple premise that is wonderfully easy to get into, excellent risk/reward balance, sadistic ramping up of difficulty, and a great soundtrack, all make of an addictive game that will leave you cursing the game as you lose your last life just short of a new OpenFeint high score.

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The Minotaur Project

Depending on how long you may have been gaming, you might be familiar with the name Jeff Minter, you may be among the fab few that remember the craziness that he brought to some classic 8-bit titles, squeezing every ounce of power from vintage home computers like the Commodore 64, Vic 20 and Atari ST.

The good news is this, the Yak is back.

Over recent years Mr Minter has played mostly with Microsoft, his work is best seen in the form of Neon the xbox360 music player visualisation he also tried his hand at an original XBLA release, “Space Giraffe” which sadly didn’t find favour with many mainstream modern gamers. That was in 2007, before the world knew anything about iPads or iOS, 2011 has seen two original new titles launched through the iTunes App Store. Both titles have that trademark flavour of quirkiness and behind the purposefully simple retro style graphics sits a mountain of subtle playability.

Now he is devoting his time and passion to delivering a unique series of Minotaur theme retro games for the iDevices…

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Hate mail isn’t something we normally receive, I guess people just don’t care enough about things. In a round about way this could probably be considered my form of hate mail.

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Put simply, Monster Dash is Canabalt with guns (or as Accidental put it; Canabalt meets Metal Slug. He’s also got an annoying top score too, 4920 vs. my 3848!). Monster Dash is made by Halfbrick Studios, its first iPhone game being Fruit Ninja, which also proved quite popular.

You have two buttons; one to jump and one for guns. Each side of the screen is given to these buttons. And the great thing about it is there’s no horrible d-pad controls. Your hero (called Barry Steakfries — but I prefer he remain nameless) runs along automagically from left to right. The buttons also disappear completely after several taps which is a nice touch.

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Did you know that Wugga doesn’t like Coffee? Not only that but he doesn’t like the flavour of coffee in things like cakes. Crazy huh.

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A record number of podcastulators this week, James comes back, and I even manage to show up.


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The one where GaR speaks on the topic of Katy Perry, only briefly though.

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The Sorbet is churning so there isn’t any reason why I can’t post this now, it might mean that there is a gap between this and next weeks podcast as I am going up to Auckland on a secret mission involving infiltrating the competition enemy. I think GaR and Wugga might be holding replacement interviews in the interim.

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