Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio, if you were like me and had an American copy) was a first party Sega title on the Dreamcast. You’d go around the city by rollerblades and spray graffiti everywhere and then The Man would show up, all angry, because the city is basically a police state. I really liked it, to a point. Sega has released a YouTube clip (below) which teases the next Dreamcast game for digital distribution, and the tease is quite recognisable as the radio logo thing from Jet Set Radio, so I guess we can’t complain that they’re being to cryptic.

YouTube Preview Image

To be absolutely clear, I’m not being negative here. Ben Kuchera of the newly founded Penny Arcade Report has written an article about his time playing a game called Johann Sebastian Joust, and it sounds totally awesome. Technically I guess it’s not a videogame, as, while it does run on a laptop, it forgoes the “video” part and uses up to seven Playstation Move controllers as a game might use eggs and spoons, if the games objective was to have your opponents eggs fall from the spoon and splatter on the ground by any means necessary. The official site has a few videos of people playing, and all I can say is that I want in.

For those with a Wii console looking for some traditional Nintendo fare, Mario Party 9 is due for launch shortly in New Zealand, promising (as each iteration does) new mini-games, new gameplay,  but also the good old Mario Party fun that most of the games in the series have delivered on.

We get the game along with Australia, just behind Europe (March 2), and just before America on March 11. Japan falls behind with an April launch. No sign of a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo on the box art though, meaning sadly no online multiplayer which would have breathed new life into the formula. There’s always next console eh?

“Compatible” is a word that seems to be being used in the various news articles covering this, though that might be a bit inappropriate, given that if you have it on UMD, it’ll be totally incompatible, but you’ll be able to get them online presumably. For a price of course. Maybe you’ve already bought it before, but unless that transaction took place on the PSP Go, it’ll probably involve another, in order to dissuade piracy. Upon a cursory glance over the list, I’ve confirmed for myself that most of the games that matter to me are there: The God Of War games and Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. Missing, however, and this wounds me greatly to learn, are the two Metal Gear Acid games. Guess I’ll hold on to my old PSP for a while longer. Full list after the break. Continue reading

It might sound like a mouthful, but two of the tastiest looking title for Q1 this year are nicely intertwined by offering gamers that experience the demo of each game with extra content for the other.

You can check out the official release beyond the link, but I would just skim to the pictures with a hearty ‘Hell Yeah!’ The Commander has never looked so good. Official press release follows. Continue reading


In a gag of impressive magnitude, the Caltech Prank Club managed to cover the Astor Place Cube in New York City with the hangings you see above to form a neat tribute to everyone’s favourite inanimate friend from the Portal games. Maybe someone in Hamilton would be keen to attach a portal gun and long fall boots to the statue of Riff Raff on Victoria Street… [source:]

Two interesting tidbits of C&C news dropped through the inbox today.

Firstly EA are launching a cross-platform C&C that supports web and mobile apps, furthermore they use the infamous words “free to play” and note that it is also an MMO. As long as you expect fully to spend real money in-game, I imagine it could be a good thing. The closed Beta is starting as of now, so head over to the website and get signed up.

Secondly Command & Conquer Generals 2 is in the works, and there are two very good reasons to keep an eye out:

  • Bioware are developing the game
  • The game will run on Frostbite2
Colour me excited, even though we have no images yet.

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Most gamers have experienced the terrible ‘movie tie in game’. But there is hope my fellow mashers. Producers working for Warner Brothers Interactive, the company who published the last two Batman games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Have stated in an interview recently, that the days of DC Comic characters getting 3rd rate movie cash-in titles are over!

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