Wugga’s been playing Sea of Thieves and can finally tell us about it.  I finally got around to reading the briefly-banned Into the River, and Mike is getting into some old school pen & paper D&D.

We also discuss iBoy, Man Seeking Woman, Billions, Silicon Valley, Lego Ninjago, and old mate David Farrier’s documentary Tickled.


This week we go on safari looking for robot cocks.  It’s not what you think.*

Ubisoft made things hard for Wugga, but it all paid off when he eventually got play For Honor (sic).

I played a game that wasn’t Overwatch, but not being very adventurous, I changed only four letters and went for Firewatch.  The joke was on me; that game is actually much more different than its more than half identical name suggests.  We live and learn.

We talk British icons, like Dr Who, Charlie Brooker, and Travel Man.  I’m just hoping the iconishness of the former rubs off generously in order to make that sentence not a lie.

And finally, a huge announcement regarding Buttonmasher favourite Rick and Morty.  It’s right near the end, so you have to listen to the whole thing.



*it probably is what you think.  That Overwatch update.

newbmpCAST_thumb.jpgPodcast time!

Is that enough of a description?  I can’t remember what we talked about.


Mike’s been watching anime, Wugga’s been playing party games, and Gar’s been reading books.

Business as usual ’round here.


It’s 2017 and it’s time for more podcast.  We kind of packed a lot into 45 minutes.  Games, TV, movies, all that kind of thing.  What fun.


What did your favourite podcasters make of the various exciting things that came out in 2016?  Well, we don’t know, but we know what we liked, and that’s what we talked about this week.


Wugga tells us all about the PSVR, there’s another Mechwarrior game in the works, and we google image search something.

Mike says that this is a good Youtube channel, or something.


This week we discuss the most highly anticipated game of the year, Hill Climb Racing 2.

Also things like Straight Outta Compton, Hitman Absolution, Arrival, XCOM 2, Overwatch, and various UK panel shows.



The Grand Tour is out, we have more Star Wars hype, there’s a thing called Mob Psycho 100, 11.22.63 is a date, Cars 3 somehow ended up on our radar, and Wugga has been playing board games