A game of contradictions, is Anno 2070. It makes for a strange experience.

The year is the future, God’s green Earth isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders, and you have a civilisation to build. Great. First though, you need to log into U-Play; Ubisoft’s attempt at justifying annoying and unreliable DRM. Since you ask, it’s intrusive and doesn’t work properly. So, par for the course, then. There are some neat little features to go with the mandatory connection to the anti-piracy stormtrooper headquarters, but I could do without all of them if the system itself was good, rather than shitty.

Anyway, there is a game buried under the 14 or so login screens, and it’s not a bad one. You might have to bite the pillow again to get through the early narration, as the voice acting is rather patchy. Not as bad as Supreme Commander 2, though (in the same way the Mussolini wasn’t as bad as Stalin, you understand). One wonders why RTSes seem to be lagging behind other genres in terms of voice acting. Not very hard, but one wonders nonetheless.

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With all the Resident Evil games popping I expect many of us have been eagerly awaiting an announcement on a numbered follow up to the series. Well here it is: Resident Evil 6, starring Leon, Chris, and company.

The trailer looks a little hectic to me, more Gears of War than survival horror. But if it’s anything close to RE4 I will be happy.

It’s scheduled to drop in the US on the 20th of November later this year.

YouTube Preview Image

Two interesting tidbits of C&C news dropped through the inbox today.

Firstly EA are launching a cross-platform C&C that supports web and mobile apps, furthermore they use the infamous words “free to play” and note that it is also an MMO. As long as you expect fully to spend real money in-game, I imagine it could be a good thing. The closed Beta is starting as of now, so head over to the website and get signed up.

Secondly Command & Conquer Generals 2 is in the works, and there are two very good reasons to keep an eye out:

  • Bioware are developing the game
  • The game will run on Frostbite2
Colour me excited, even though we have no images yet.

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Most gamers have experienced the terrible ‘movie tie in game’. But there is hope my fellow mashers. Producers working for Warner Brothers Interactive, the company who published the last two Batman games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Have stated in an interview recently, that the days of DC Comic characters getting 3rd rate movie cash-in titles are over!

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So this is a big one.  EA’s fastest-selling game ever.  A lot of hype in the lead-up to the launch, too.  You know how that goes.

The launch, of course, was a disaster.  Activation problems, connection problems, lag problems, major stability issues, patchy performance…  Battlefield veterans expected this; we were prepared to deal with it.  Many were not.  Even those of us familiar with DICE/EA launches perhaps got a little frustrated, though.  Or a lot frustrated, as the case may be.

The fact of the matter is that even when I was disconnected from every other match, when I couldn’t connect to most servers due to the worst Punkbuster implementation in memory, when my PC was crashing with an overheating GPU…  I didn’t stop trying.  When it works, Battlefield 3 really is something special, and now, a couple of weeks after launch, it works a lot more than it doesn’t.  Finally, I have the game I wanted all along.

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A trailer is all very well and good, but it’s usually all flash and no substance, not giving an actual impression of what a game is like during gameplay (not that gameplay footage can accurately convey what a game is like to play, but I digress.) The latest video released features about eight minutes of four player coop, flitting between the four players on the fly. I got a weird Army Of Two vibe towards the end, something to do with working together to take out a tough guy with a big gun.YouTube Preview Image


Yeah.  That just happened. PC Gamer have the full story, but here are the vital details:

Mechwarrior Online is PC exclusive, and free to play.  It’s due to release in the northern hemisphere summer next year.

The setting will be the Clan Invasion era, rather than late in the Third Succession War as had previously been rumoured.  The timeline will advance in real time, a day at a time, starting just before the invasion.

While the Mechwarrior reboot we’ve previously reported on was based on the Unreal 3 engine, no engine has been confirmed for Mechwarrior Online.

So far the only three mechs that have been confirmed are the Jenner; a fast, hard hitting raider, the slow but brutal Hunchback, and the rare, fearsome Atlas (pictured above).  There is no word yet on whether we’ll see the Unseen mechs, but I wouldn’t go getting my hopes up about seeing them in their original guises.

Check out the official site for a bit more info and to reserve your user name for online play.

Update:  PC Gamer have interviewed Russ Bullock of Piranha Games about the process that led to the revival of the Mechwarrior IP.

Gar has some sort of chair and wheel rig setup that he put together in order to make Forza that much more awesome. He’s also into Battlefield 3, but I don’t think he has the wherewithal to construct the ridiculous monstrosity that was created on the UK TV program The Gadget Show. Because I know my FPS experience is sorely lacking in running and getting shot by paintballs…

YouTube Preview Image

There are a lot of big names in gaming that are fighting for attention right now. Over the past week, launch trailers have appeared for Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, and Uncharted 3. I don’t envy them, this quarter is packed to the brim with exciting titles demanding attention, so I’ll forgive a launch trailer being released more than a week out from a launch date. Battlefield 3 probably has the most right to our attention, given that it’s releasing the soonest. In fact isn’t it out right now, as you’re reading this? Oh great, that means I have to look forward to Gar making those “peow, peow!” noises. Trailers for all three after the break.
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