As evidenced by the sales of Call of Duty games over the last few years, it appears nothing can stop the franchise. But with the disaster that struck Infinity Ward last year, and the number of devs on just this one game alone (Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, & Raven Software) — could Modern Warfare 3 be the game that breaks the cycle?

Well, Activision’s certainly not showing any signs of that. The promotion machine is now in full swing. Recent teasers reveal America, England, Germany, and France as key combat locations. Have a peek after the break. Also, a GameStop poster reveals Captain Price and Soap MacTavish as Interpol’s Most Wanted, in a mock Time Magazine cover.

What’s most curious to me out of all of this, is that they brought the Call of Duty branding back. Although Modern Warfare 2 still had it, it was hidden hidden away and it still sold a gazillion copies. This one’s called Call of Duty: MW3. Why the change?

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I think you’ll have time for another Mass Effect 2 play-through. Mass Effect 3 has been delayed to sometime in the first 3 months of 2012, according to Executive Producer, Casey Hudson. If you’re a regular gamer I’m sure you would have noticed that delays have become another part of life, for better or for worse. 

Having just finished Mass Effect 2 for the first time – last night in fact — it was surprising to here of the delay. But everyone here, and around the world seems to be pretty understanding. Seeing as the last game came out last year, I think many of us were afraid of Bioware rushing things, having the next Mass Effect game come out so soon. Especially with Dragon Age II not receiving the best of reviews, after developing the sequel in a much shorter development schedule.

One troubling note comes to light however. EA honcho, John Riccitiello, explains the reason for the delay is that Bioware are in the process of “adjusting some of the gameplay mechanics and some of the features…” — Well, all good so far, I don’t see what the proble – “and essentially address a far larger market opportunity than Mass Effect 1 did and Mass Effect 2 began to approach”. Wha?? What does that mean? Are they now going after Call of Duty? Dear god we hope not.

I don’t know why I say yes to things.  I think it could be considered a character flaw.

It is now some five years since I cast off the shackles of World of Warcraft and painstakingly pieced the shattered fragments of my life back together.  What, I asked myself, am I doing diving into another MMO?

Luckily DC Universe Online pulled its first punch by using my entire data cap to update.  This was basically at launch, you understand.  And it didn’t involve downloading the game itself ; that would have bumped the tally up by another 12 or 14 gigs.  So my first week and a half of playing involved me not playing.  Or browsing the net.  A stellar start.

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