As somebody that was very impressed with Lord of the Rings : War in the North, I was pleasantly surprised by this announcement. Admittedly there is nothing much on the website and it is a last minute hurrah before E3 opens its doors, but even without the Snowblind team behind it if the combat is anywhere near as satisfying as WitN was…well 5 vs 5 fantasy combat has to be your bag. Press release and website after the break. Continue reading

Could this out-DiRT DiRT?  A new off-road racing game bearing the name of a famous motocross rider that doesn’t feature motorbikes seems like a strange move – especially with THQ’s recent abandonment of its MX vs ATV franchise.  Those aren’t really this title’s competition though.  Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad is coming out on Xbox Live and Playstation Network for 800 points and $9.99, respectively.

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Creating a game that will also act as a supply of content for another game which I have great affection for, is a great way to get me to pay for said game. Harmonix has announced 15 tracks that will come with Rock Band Blitz, and a brief look shows some pretty solid reasons to pick up the game for the tracks alone, and given that the going rate for a song is usually 160 MS points, it’ll be exceptional value as long as it’s priced within the usual digitally-distributed price points. Continue reading

The contents of the upcoming multiplayer content pack for Mass Effect 3 has been detailed, and it looks like a good one. Two new levels, one on the Asari world of Thessia and the other in some kind of jungle area; six new class variants by way of two humans (“ex-Cerberus” Adept and Vanguard), two Quarians, (male Quarians, Engineer and Infiltrator), and two Vorchas (Vorchi? Soldier and sentinel), and three new weapons, adding to the already crowded categories of shotgun, assault and sniper rifles. The content is reported to be due on Tuesday for the 360, and Wednesday on the PS3 (probably late in the evening for us given the time difference).

The rumor-mill is a-churnin’, folks: recently posted an E3 2012 prediction article which seems to drop inside knowledge regarding a partnership between Sony and a “leading cloud gaming service”. Sony has a long history of early E3 leaks, and VG247 has a long history of actually getting things right, so we’ll chalk this one up as a solid “possible”.

Leading possibilities here include OnLive, Gaikai, and Steam, but a recent invitation from Gaikai posted by French blog translates to: “Gaikai has major announcements for E3, which has the potential to change the future of video games, the game consoles and the way in which we play.” This would put Gaikai as the frontrunner.

What does it mean for gaming? Is this a PS3, PS4, or PS Vita-related announcement? Will Sony shift to a cloud-based gaming model in order to reduce hardware costs and losses in the next generation? Oh, this time of year is just so exciting.

I was pretty concerned that an XBLA/PSN release of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown would mean a stripped-down feature set, but this trailer has gone a long way to help me put those fears aside. The video goes out of its way to acknowledge the existence of the dynamic arenas (which I was expecting), online room matches (which I wasn’t entirely expecting), a “vast collection of customizable items” (which I… wasn’t necessarily expecting only because I’m crazy about making Akira look weird), and a tutorial mode, which looks like it might be as fully featured as the VF4 Evolution tutorial mode, and includes a frame advantage counter, which is great news if you’re wanting to learn how to play.

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There was a time when I’d be pretty lenient on any sci-fi western that walked into the proverbial saloon simply because of how rare they are. The TV series Firefly has managed to raise the standard of this particular unlikely genre combo enough that I don’t just give out free passes to any old city slicker with a six shooter laser gun, though. Starhawk manages the combination by way of plot devices analogous to the gold rush, but at heart, the narrative and aesthetic is secondary to the multiplayer sensibilities of it’s predecessor. Calling Starhawk “Warhawk in space” is to probably not giving it enough credit whilst being mostly accurate.

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Not as scandalous as the title implies, but console fashionistas can rejoice, I guess? I suppose it’s just not something that I “get”, but I’m of the opinion that if you’re so discerning as to want a console in a specific colour, you’re probably crazy enough to be bothered enough to paint it yourself. Then again, maybe you’re lazy. So if you’ve been holding out for a PS3 in a rather bold, Kratos-y colour, then Sony’s got your back. For an RRP of $589.95, you can get this 320GB console in “Scarlet” Red. The fact that this is more than the price of the standard version is offset by the inclusion of an extra controller in the bundle. Oh, and the colour thing.

At long last! The official Portal 2 map creation tools, dubbed the “Perpetual Testing Initiative”, are coming to Aperture Sciences near you. Come May 8th, you’ll be able to use the streamlined interface to create virtually any testchamber your non-Euclidean imagination can dream up. Share them with your friends! Hoard them to yourself, because you hate your friends! The choice is yours.

The game utilizes the Steam Workshop features of Steam, which seems to preclude any possibility of this DLC reaching the PS3 version of the game. We are sorry, console brethren.

If you’d like a little teaser and a lot of our good friend, Cave Johnson, go ahead and check out the trailer on GTTV. We’d wait, but we kind of ran out of things to say.

Rayman Origins, the critically acclaimed yet commercially underperforming platformer, apparently did well enough to warrant a sequel. A recent Ubisoft survey confirmed the existence of a sequel, using the custom UBIart engine. From the survey:

“The sequel to Rayman Origins will feature brand new settings: legendary worlds filled with castles, vampires, ghosts, Greek Gods, or dragons.”

It also confirms the inclusion of the four-player co-op from the first game, which was a major selling point.

Now, if only we could get a sequel for another certain critically admired Ubisoft game…