newbmpCAST_thumb.jpgMike’s finally finished his studies, so we actually managed to sit down and words it up.

Battlefield One.  Many impressions and so on.

Also, other stuff, like Dr Strange.


It’s number 313, and we’re back to bring you more words and things and stuff.  How did the Rocksmith update go?  How did the Horizon 3 update go?  To find out, listen in.

There are a great many TV shows that bear scrutiny, and we bring to bear perhaps a modicum of the appropriate level of said.   Westworld, Iron Fist, Good Omens, Black Mirror, and really quite a bit more.

Get on it.


Forza Horizon 3 first impressions, as well as some other things that I don’t remember so well because I didn’t say them.


This week on the Buttonmasher Podcast we discuss The Matrix, Confinement, Xbox Scorpio, Gears of War 4, Accounting, Rim World, and Elite: Dangerous.


So here’s the correct podcast from last week.

It’s mostly me raving about the HTC Vive.


So this is one of the hitherto unpublished podcasts; one of the last to be recorded at Wonder Horse.  I’ve only put it up because Mike gave me the wrong filename.


If you’ve been thinking that maybe it’d be good to listen to a podcast that has been sensibly recorded in a quiet location that isn’t (for example) a… you know… pub…

Then well, we have a some good news.  In that we’re now more audible.  I can see how some may consider that more of a downside, but it is what it is.

We’re Overcooked and Overwatched, and all over all sorts of things.  Listen and um, hear.


I must have missed that weather report, but apparently Hell has frozen over.  That’s right, Forza is coming to PC.  Also, I actually played a video game.

The shocks just keep on coming, eh?

Rocket League, Super Hot, GTA: Online, Killer Instinct, Vikings, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Last Man on Earth, Sopranos, Legends of Tomorrow, How to be Single, and Deadpool.  Which Mike has yet to see.  Terrible.

Also, Wugga mentions a video of Kevin Smith giving a talk. That video (part 1 of 2), can be found here.