There are things that some people take seriously, music is one of them and while I don’t share this passion for an industry that has seen many a person embiggened to enjoy fame and financial gigantism, it isn’t going to stop me from making this the first ever Judas Priest themed ButtonMasher Podcast.


Other things on the table to discuss include the Killzone 2 intro video and a Team Fortress 2 update that GaR is anticipating. At the end of the podcast we also have some guest cosplayers stop by for a chat.



With delinquent teenagers trying to resurrect the fashion of the 80’s we go one better and bring in some Flower Power. Other topics to be discussed include the EGM/1up buy out, a look at some fighting game remake, and the best games of 2009 are announced.



Only the most dedicated and fearless podcast listener should download this beast of an episode. It’s the ButtonMasher Podcast but it’s EXTREME!!!!!!

Some early Killzone 2 impressions as well as an interview with the Producer of The Godfather 2


Do you know what a Mangosteen is? Well I didn’t but after ingesting a shot of its anti-oxidising juice I decided to look them up, turns out they are not poisonous. The news is fairly light this week but there is still an important message that needs to be given, Man Up and Do Something if you want to win prizes.



The “World Best Selling” Podcast is back for another episode!


On the menu this week is Gears of War 2 as well as Motorstorm Pacific Rift and a bunch of other games. There is also a competition to win a very limited edition piece of Gears of War memorabilia (see past the break for pics) and to win all you have to do is prove how much you want it. Yes, ambiguous and non specific competition criteria.


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Ello ello, what’s going on ‘ere den? Pomegranate juice is a pretty hard act to follow, but I thought I had them beat with this weeks surprise beverage of choice. Things don’t always go as planned though, so tune in to find out why our sunburn soothed, which works out great, given the tan that Brian has been getting from playing Dead Space in a dark room with surround sound creeping him out. Also in store for listeners: Gar talks about Colonisation, a lesser known part of the intestinal tract found in Civilisation IV.


Fuelled by the unnatural combination of Demon Energy Drink and Pomegranite Juice we take to disambiguating the news from the Tokyo Game Show and the difference between Dystopian/Orwellian societies.

Ninety Nine Nights the Second is announced so Brian and Wugga discuss the intricacies of trying to make out with your sister. Also GaR begins his quest to become the Pokemon Champion of the World.

The winner of the case of Gears of War juice is announced as well as a new competition to win Fable 2.


Wugga, GaR, and Me, that’s it, nothing more, nothing less. I was a fairly quiet week for news but with the help of some Demon Energy Drink and the addition of a few deviations plus a random topic or two we flesh out another weeks podcast. We also have a competition this week to win a case of Demon Energy Drink, listen to find out how.

As always here are your serving suggestions.


It has been a very long week for some of the ButtonMasher crew, various trips to Auckland and a bunch of new games to play. We visited Sony to play around with the creation tools in LittleBigPlanet and had a look at EA’s Christmas line-up. GaR has at least one opinion about Warhammer Online and then there is a debate as to wether the orange or blue stripper from Duke Nukem is hotter. Wugga also talks to John Doyle about his career prior to working for EA.



This weeks podcast focuses on games and Kevin Bacon, you might remember him from such films as Sleepers, Tremors and A Few Good Men, problem is, for someone with such a delicious last name he sure does suffer from a severe lack of hotness. GaR has been playing more Spore, Wugga has been playing Feeding Frenzy, and Brian like dirty bikes that he can ride all day long (He has also developed schizoprenia and will now refer to himself in the third person)

We also put out the call for a member of the listening public to participate in the podcast with a regular spot in the show, if you think you have what it takes email us a one minute sample of what you will contribute. Email your audio clip to, for a simple audio editor try Audacity, and remember, the better the gimmick, the more likely you are to win. (I expect/demand at least one drunk entrant)

Here are your serving suggestions