Noby Noby Boy, Halo Wars and Killzone 2 get a bit of a thrashing along with some more obscure titles such as Progress Quest.


No fancy interviews but there are a few prizes to be had and GaR’s cold makes his voice extra sincere which makes it worth that bandwidth and then some.


Sometimes you might believe some things will happen, maybe even secretly wish for it, but when it does you don’t expect to be the last to know. This weeks podcast is proudly brought to you by the reuniting group of the century.


We interview the developers of Killzone 2 then talk about Resident Evil and Street Fighter IV, then we ramble on for the rest of the time either about games that we haven’t played or simply know little or nothing about.

Did anyone else not realise that Marky Mark Wahlberg’s big brother was in the NKOTB?


Party mode for Burnout Paradise, GTA IV DLC plus Call of Duty WAW’s new map pack means that we are mulling over older titles, but fear not 100 Classic Books gets a look in. We also review Pikmin for the Wii and Fire Emblem: Dragon Shadow on the DS.


Also we have two copies of Killzone 2 to giveaway. Listen to the cast to find out how to enter.


A day or two late isn’t a problem right? We had a busy week doing things other than playing games but there are still a few things worth talking about and now that the Killzone 2 embargo is finito we can talk about that in a little more detail.


Don’t forget that you can come with us to the Killzone 2 media release party on the 17th (see here for details) and we’ll have two copies of the game to give away in the next week.


*No real animals were harmed during the taping of this podcast and all the puppies from last week have been safely recovered from GaR’s house.

In this podcast we added a little game, every time GaR offends some particular group of people we get you to resurrect a dead puppy*, then every time an unintentional double entendre slips out you get 12 points.


This week we talk about the overpricing of games and the inability of developers to make a good Vampire game.


*Dead puppies can be picked up from GaR’s house for those wishing to participate.

There are things that some people take seriously, music is one of them and while I don’t share this passion for an industry that has seen many a person embiggened to enjoy fame and financial gigantism, it isn’t going to stop me from making this the first ever Judas Priest themed ButtonMasher Podcast.


Other things on the table to discuss include the Killzone 2 intro video and a Team Fortress 2 update that GaR is anticipating. At the end of the podcast we also have some guest cosplayers stop by for a chat.



With delinquent teenagers trying to resurrect the fashion of the 80’s we go one better and bring in some Flower Power. Other topics to be discussed include the EGM/1up buy out, a look at some fighting game remake, and the best games of 2009 are announced.



Only the most dedicated and fearless podcast listener should download this beast of an episode. It’s the ButtonMasher Podcast but it’s EXTREME!!!!!!

Some early Killzone 2 impressions as well as an interview with the Producer of The Godfather 2


Do you know what a Mangosteen is? Well I didn’t but after ingesting a shot of its anti-oxidising juice I decided to look them up, turns out they are not poisonous. The news is fairly light this week but there is still an important message that needs to be given, Man Up and Do Something if you want to win prizes.



The “World Best Selling” Podcast is back for another episode!


On the menu this week is Gears of War 2 as well as Motorstorm Pacific Rift and a bunch of other games. There is also a competition to win a very limited edition piece of Gears of War memorabilia (see past the break for pics) and to win all you have to do is prove how much you want it. Yes, ambiguous and non specific competition criteria.


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