This weeks podcast focuses on games and Kevin Bacon, you might remember him from such films as Sleepers, Tremors and A Few Good Men, problem is, for someone with such a delicious last name he sure does suffer from a severe lack of hotness. GaR has been playing more Spore, Wugga has been playing Feeding Frenzy, and Brian like dirty bikes that he can ride all day long (He has also developed schizoprenia and will now refer to himself in the third person)

We also put out the call for a member of the listening public to participate in the podcast with a regular spot in the show, if you think you have what it takes email us a one minute sample of what you will contribute. Email your audio clip to, for a simple audio editor try Audacity, and remember, the better the gimmick, the more likely you are to win. (I expect/demand at least one drunk entrant)

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This week’s podcast has a romantic aire to it, a love hate relationship between GaR and Will Wright’s recently released SPORE, he shares a beautiful composition of words expressing both fondness and bitter anxiety. There is a competition to give away a copy of Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise the winner of which we will announce next week. Probably most importantly is Wugga’s solo interviewing debut with Charles Huang from RedOctane, the co-founder and one of the people responsible for bringing Guitar Hero to your living room.



A day late due to sickness, Wugga and Brian talk about the Activision event while GaR has an indepth look at SPORE. There is an interview with the sound director for Star Wars The Force Unleashed which exposes the terrifying truth of how certain sounds are obtained to create the in game atmosphere.

Most of my rant about the fall of the once great Pokemon franchise is present but the cross analysis of Pokemon and Digimon nomenclature is lost because of the batteries running out on the recording device.

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Not quite 10 but definitely more than 5, shooting for mediocrity, that’s us all the way. This weeks podcast features a pre-emptive look at an upcoming battle of the keyboards, talk of robots of asian origin and probably most importantly some family friendly hard core christian rock.

Also, I am probably not the last guy, but imagine how the chicks would dig me if I was.

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buttonmash Fresh from a $20 Steak Dinner, Wugga and I attempt to coherently record some words about games on a microphone. Wugga comes up with potentially the most pointless physics feature a game could ever incorporate and I get busy retracting a lot of the negative things I said about Call of Duty: World at War. Then we round up the Leipzig news glut from earlier in the day.

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It’s a little late due to me being busy getting up the transcript of my interview with Mike Booth from Valve and the preview of Midnight Club: Los Angeles which we also talk about during this podcast. This episode comes directly after a rather eventful afternoon complete with car crashes and tattoos, it also features an interview with Ted Price from Insomniac.

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The fifth episode of the most popular podcast hosted on this site that releases on Thursdays. This week Wugga is getting ready to go get his ass handed to him by some real E Atheletes and GaR makes the original Doom pretty with a mod for Doom 3 all while I prove my usefulness by bringing the sound recording equipment.

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This week we have two more interviews from E3, Paul Hollywood from the team creating Motorstorm Pacific Rift and Brian Allgeier from Insomniac who is currently busy creating Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty. GaR has no issues with any numbers or game titles but does have a little to say about the pricing of Rock Band, Brian gets excited about 80’s movie tie-ins and Wugga takes a little walk.

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Featured in last weeks ButtonMasher Podcast were these two interviews. The first is with EA Sports President Peter Moore, we talk about Rugby, Cricket and the changing face of EA. David Reeves then gets a few of the questions from community members and the resulting answers may surprise…….

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Enthusiasm, Anger, and Apathy. We bring the trifecta. Brian’s back from E3, and loaded with stuff to talk about, and interviews to share. Oh, it’s also the most disgustingest, swearingest, edgiest, craziest, unrehearsiest podcast we’ve ever recorded. Man I can’t wait 4 Left 4 Dead 2 B 4 sale.

This weeks podcast features interviews with David Reeves (President of SCEE) and Peter Moore (President of EA Sport)

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