Back in the Tron and casting it like we’ve been doing it for years.

This week we cover some on Scribblenauts, talk about Darksiders and then luxuriate in the awesomeness of Shatter. GaR gets grumpy, Brian gets bored, and Wugga avoids, here is this weeks effort at infiltrating your portable media devices so you never leave the house with a little Masher in your pocket.

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A sloth, a woolly mammoth, and a sabre tooth tiger walk into a bar, Surely there’s a great joke to be finished there. The game is obviously the interactive offering for the Movie which came out a few weeks ago and is targeted at an age bracket younger than most of us would fit in but perhaps appropriate for the parents reading this.

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Warner Bros has sent out the official press release advising the development of the game for the movie Where the Wild Things Are. If you’ve been to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince you might have noticed the trailer for the movie, it looks to be a fairly faithful recreation of the iconic childrens book.

In the game players will assume the role of Max as he becomes the king of the Wild Things, all while wearing his awesome PJs. Warner Bros plan to release the game in October with the movie. The first screenshot is also after the break. Continue reading

This episode was recorded on the road while attending various events. Due to the auckland nature of the recordination we have some guest Mashers sit in, TimProvise from the forums and now RvB guy, and also David Hine marketing director of sales and marketing for Sony NZ.

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Yesterday we stopped by Sony to check out the PSP Go demo model that they have had recently delivered. It had a few demo games installed on it to try out the new design and button layout. The new PSP is expected to launch at the same time as Gran Turismo PSP in a few months, no New Zealand price has been confirmed yet.

Video past the break.

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