I, like many many people that were in to PC games during the 90s, played, and loved, Syndicate. I then played and loved the notoriously difficult expansion, The American Revolt, when I bought Syndicate Plus on a shiny CD ROM. I even went as far to play and love Syndicate Wars, which, despite numerous cool things, was not destined to be the high point in the franchise. So with the announcement of a FPS revival of the series, I felt that I was in a good position to understand the ‘core fan’ outcry over the betrayal of the originals squad-based RTS format, but really, I was just happy that something, anything was happening with the franchise. Now that I’ve sunk many hours into it, my trend of “playing and loving” continues.

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Ever since the first announcements I have kept a lazy eye on this title and it’s development. Being a long term fan of Snowblind games, it was exciting to hear they were back in the ’hack n slash’ genre, not forgetting they had tapped into one of the richest backdrops in the world of fantasy and RPG.

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The Run is an exciting new direction for the Need For Speed series. Ever since my early race-gaming days, the idea of a cross-country race has been an attraction that games were already targeting, with Test Drive and the original Need For Speed (though it also had circuits) having a focus on point-to-point tracks on populated American roads. Now, the divergence directive the the Need For Speed series has been under lately has dictated a return to this well in an attempt at a gritty, ‘edgy’ story-driven race from west to east. Continue reading


Arkham Asylum rocked my expectations of what a game based on an established franchise can be, if handled properly. One moment, videogames based on comic book superheroes are all dumb and doomed to mediocrity at best, the next, we’re looking to the next game based on Batman as a probable contender for a good many Game Of The Year awards before anyone’s even played it. Those are the kind of expectations that it’s almost impossible to live up to, the kind of expectations that result in crippling emotional issues because no matter how hard you try, your parents never- wait, now’s not the time or place. Despite crushing expectations, Batman: Arkham City is totally awesome.

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nzBrowncoat brings us the lowdown on Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Originally posted over on Browncoat’s blog, Interactive Nonsense.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a First Person Squad-based Tactical Shooter that shares similarities with the mint slice biscuit. On the outside it’s not flashy and other biscuits look a lot better, but inside is a cool peppermint core which some people will love to dunk in a cup of tea (I mean the biscuit goes in the tea, not the game…..anywho).

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“Yehaaw!” you yell as the ground disappears beneath you, your car soaring into the air. You start to get that weird feeling in your stomach as gravity pulls you down again. Bouncing back onto the track you spot a building collapsing in the distance, showering the road with rubble. Your tires squeal as you turn a corner and you dodge a flaming truck, only to crash directly into a pillar.

Motorstorm will punish you. Like me, you might find yourself crashing a lot more than actually winning races. Apocalypse was my first proper play of a Motorstorm game, and I’m happy to say I came away with a smile on my face, no matter how many times I ended up at the back of the pack. While previous Motorstorm games focused on tropical islands and mountains, this one had its eyes on earthquakes.

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I don’t know why I say yes to things.  I think it could be considered a character flaw.

It is now some five years since I cast off the shackles of World of Warcraft and painstakingly pieced the shattered fragments of my life back together.  What, I asked myself, am I doing diving into another MMO?

Luckily DC Universe Online pulled its first punch by using my entire data cap to update.  This was basically at launch, you understand.  And it didn’t involve downloading the game itself ; that would have bumped the tally up by another 12 or 14 gigs.  So my first week and a half of playing involved me not playing.  Or browsing the net.  A stellar start.

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Few games require little introduction as Killzone 3 does. It’s predecessor on the same platform was widely accepted as one of the stand out performers of the generation to date.  When it came to graphics, gameplay, audio and multiplayer action it had few peers. Even over a year on it’s one of the show piece titles on the PS3. You’d be forgiven for assuming that Killzone 3 is considerably better in every way… well, it is!

killzone 3

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In the year 1499 where hoodies are back in fashion, Ezio Auditore da Firenze thought his days of slaying pesky officials were over. Think again Ezio. We still need you for another game.

The first thing you’ll notice about Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is the name. For some reason Ubisoft Montreal decided to forgo Assassin’s Creed III in favour of Brotherhood.

Maybe because Ezio is back? Maybe they’re sick of numerals? Who knows?

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Cowboys and Indians doesn’t really make sense in relation to Red Dead Redemption, yes there are native Americans (kind of), but those of us in the know affectionately refer to the NPC’s of that programmed ethnicity as savages. Red Dead is more like Cowboys and Mexicans, or Cowboys and the Federal Law man. Plenty of promise, but do random encounters with damsels in distress and packs of roving wolves make for fun times in the old west or something less compelling?

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