Yesterday we stopped by Sony to check out the PSP Go demo model that they have had recently delivered. It had a few demo games installed on it to try out the new design and button layout. The new PSP is expected to launch at the same time as Gran Turismo PSP in a few months, no New Zealand price has been confirmed yet.

Video past the break.

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The MP3 player market is one that was grabbed by the balls and held with an iron grip by a single company, not because they forced their product on the world but because consumers lapped it up like some pleasure inducing drug. Some people however experience feelings of revulsion at being forced to adopt a specific program or format to use their hardware, these people are the ones that look for alternatives, Cowon is out to cater for these people by offering a sleek, sexy and very functional touch screen enabled media player.

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There were a lot of third person games on show at E3, some were predominantly shooters, while other took a heavier platform focus. Mafia II, if it had to be classified, would probably fit into a Shooter/Epic Movie genre, it features gameplay boasting tight combat action but the underlying theme that impressed me was the characters and their interactions with each other, just like what you would want to see in an awesome Mafia movie.

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The gauntlet was thrown down last week to Wugga, the gauntlet of getting Active.

The challenge originally was for him to do an entire 30 day program in EA’s new  fitness game in the space of a week. The challenge was never really accepted but we didn’t have any idea of how vigorous of an exercise regime the normal program would work out to be let alone 30 days worth compacted into 7.

In the video (here) Wugga investigates the ins and outs, the sights and sounds and even the smells of EA Sports Active.
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When we got the site up and running in July last year we didn’t have the luxury of time, or money, or sweet computer programming skills. The days have passed and turned into weeks, weeks into months and with plenty of teasing and misfires it became time to put up a new coat of paint and spit polish some stuff.

The new design comes courtesy of two people first up is the design itself, the new logo and the layout via forum member Accidental who does arty type things. Secondly the fiddly implementation of the design Gilsham. Both guys did a fantastic job and will be given the keys to the BM city in an upcoming ceremony. There are still a few minor adjustments that need to be made but for the most part everything is go.

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