If ever there’s a game to make a reviewer sound like a hippy (or a hippy-hater, if it’s a negative review), ThatGameCompany has been developing them; Flow, the Flash game gone PSN Sixaxis downloadable, then Flower, the game with a pretty unsubtle environmentalist tone to it, and now Journey, a game with the lofty ambitions of provoking wonder and emotions from the humble position of a PSN downloadable title. Continue reading

When Uncharted 2 came out in late 2009 many of us, myself included, praised the game beyond measure. In fact it was most likely our game of the year. It was always going to be tough act to follow, but this is Naughty Dog we’re talking about here.

And pull it off they did. Uncharted 3 features the same whiz-bang graphics, narration, and action. But for some reason it just wasn’t as memorable. Perhaps other great games overshadowed it last year. Or maybe threequels have a disadvantage, now that things aren’t as shiny and new as they once were…

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The year update to the EA Sports FIFA title has arrived again, and comes at a time when the current generation consoles are beginning to start to show signs of aging. The FIFA team have done a decent job pushing the envelope on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and the graphics and physics of FIFA have been second to none as the game has ground out a clear victory in the FIFA vs. PES battle for supremacy. This leads to the inevitable – incremental updates becoming, well, increasingly incremental.

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The madden series has taken innovative turns since its inception on the Sega Mega Drive in 1994 and unfortunately I wish I could say the same with this years version of the Yank’s most beloved game Madden NFL 12. The madden franchise prides itself in change but to be able to notice this change you will need to be an American Football aficionado, most of these changes are under the hood.. very deep under the hood in fact.To put it in an analogical term, the difference between Madden 12 and Madden 11 is like telling the difference between Pepsi and Coke. Basically you will only feel and notice the difference if you are a Hard-core NFL fan, if you are just a casual fan that enjoys the smooth animation and multimillion dollar production value that EA sports provide but are looking for a new mode or gameplay addition you maybe sorely disappointed.

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dnfbannerOh, the review of Duke Nukem Forever is late? How delightfully droll!
In a way, it’s almost a sad thing to have Duke Nukem Forever finally see the light of day. I wasn’t just the constant “long time coming” that we’ve lost; DNF represented a huge well of mystery: What could delay something so much? What would it be like to play, at any of the points in development? How do you recapture something as innovative as it was in a genre that has evolved so much in twelve years? Well, for better or worse, the mystery is gone, and that’s not a genie that’ll go back into the bottle, so all that’s left to do is talk about its merit (or lack of) and avoid the “was it worth the wait?” lines. Continue reading

This is a review, but not just any ordinary review. I thought I’d try something a little different you see, and really delve into my inner mad scientist. You can read the plain text review below as per normal, or you can click here and read a magazine-style pdf.

Sure it’s not the same as having a glossy magazine sitting in your lap, but for you iPad owners it’s pretty damn close. Let me know if you enjoy reading it in this kind of format. I’ve always preferred reading reviews this way, and I think it looks a lot nicer even if you’re on a PC. If you have any suggestions, criticisms, any isms of any kind, please let me hear it.

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All too often video game sequels suffer from what I like to call ‘Bioshock syndrome’. There’s nothing wrong with them. But the sequel often never really lives up to or can’t capture the magic that was the original title. Sure it plays better, looks better and doesn’t have the little nuances the first game did, but it’s just doesn’t have that WOW impact factor. Avoiding most of the pre-release hype I had major concerns this game would suffer the exact same fate, fortunately it doesn’t.

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Following on from the successful Dragon Age: Origins and it’s plethora of DLC comes Bioware’s next foray into classic Role Playing Games, or is it? Much to my disappointment I will have to stamp a dirty big Action in front of Role Playing Game. Dragon Age 2 is far more action orientated that it’s predecessor, to the point where, until an auto-attack option is implemented, I would call it a button masher. Not all is lost though, there are still plenty of NPC’s, quests, and loot in barrels to be had. But even these age old RPG elements have some failings in Dragon Age 2. Is there enough role playing left in this game to satisfy all those who live with 12 sided dice in their pockets?

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This is the name of the game.
There aren’t many concepts that I’ve found more appealing than a mall full of zombies, as found in Dead Rising, which now seems like it was released a lifetime ago. Similarly chronologically spaced from the original, Dead Rising 2 takes place several years later. The zombie outbreak wasn’t contained in Willamette, Colorado, and now a drug, Zombrex is used to temporarily hold of the zombification process for those that have been bitten. You take control of the father of one such unfortunate individual, and divide your time between uncovering the truth about the latest horrible outbreak, saving survivors, and finding more Zombrex.

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