There was a time when I’d have accepted “Sonic with a sword in a medieval styled world” as an acceptable, possibly good premise for a game. Of course, that time was long before the start of the trail of games that looks like it was left by a stampeding herd of diarrhoeic elephants. Though it’s conceivable that one might think this game looks good, the current track record makes it hard to imagine that the game will be easy or satisfying to control in another iteration of what has become the fashionable franchise to hate. Also, the juxtaposition of Sonic in a world that looks decidedly less cartoony than he does would be fine, if it hadn’t been messed up so many times before. These days, the only thought a trailer like this evokes from me is: If this is why I haven’t got VF5R on my 360, someone’s going to get stabbed.

Video via Destructoid after the break.

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Last night we drove up to the big smoke again to check out Wii Music. Nintendo events definitely attract a different crowd to the normal gaming event.


Past the break is some hot Wii Music action being performed in a variety of styles as well as an insightful look into the anti competitive world of Thickshake Retailing.

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It has been far to long since we put up some video content. This video is from last week when GaR and I headed up to Auckland to check out a few games. We give a very brief overview of the games which included Gears of War 2, Sonic Unleashed, Far Cry 2 and Prince of Persia.

There is a look at a Gear of War trinket that we will be giving away in the next podcast and we also took a moment to try the donuts that Sock Merchant had so empathically recommended.

Video after the break

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