Shank is very much like our friend Kratos; he duel wields sharp objects, isn’t afraid of a little blood, and his face wears a big ugly scowl.

While I didn’t manage to check out the first Shank, Shank 2 on its own has a commendable fighting system, smooth controls, and a very pleasing graphic art style. Not to mention blood — lots and lots of blood.

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Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio, if you were like me and had an American copy) was a first party Sega title on the Dreamcast. You’d go around the city by rollerblades and spray graffiti everywhere and then The Man would show up, all angry, because the city is basically a police state. I really liked it, to a point. Sega has released a YouTube clip (below) which teases the next Dreamcast game for digital distribution, and the tease is quite recognisable as the radio logo thing from Jet Set Radio, so I guess we can’t complain that they’re being to cryptic.

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Well, I think we need no introductions here.

Sonic has been around forever and the spiky blue hedgehog has survived a career spanning multiple platforms well, and is still wooing the market today. As a gamer that falls into the ‘older’ categories with a penchant for Retro and a respect for classics, I wonder then at the need to bring such a game as Sonic CD back from the dead. Continue reading


My interest is always pricked when a developer openly says they are looking to change up the First Person Shooter genre. It is a truly admirable goal amidst the wash of generic military shooters currently ruling gaming. However it is clearly easier said than done. This psychedelic FPS has some great ideas and brief flashes of brilliance. Unfortunately, attempts to make it a unique experience have come at the cost of its playability.

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Voltron - Banner

Back in the day when cartoons were cool, not like today’s efforts, there was one that really had a huge fan base and cult like following. That cartoon was Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The basic premise had five young humans in robot lions, known as the Voltron Force, defending the universe from evil. The cool thing though was that the five robot lions could combine into one giant sword wielding robot. And with over 120 episodes made you would think that there is plenty of substance for a great little XBLA game now wouldn’t you.

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Fusion Genesis - Banner 

A thinking mans twin-stick shooter. This was my first impression of Fusion: Genesis when reading the description on the XBLA marketplace. It actually sound pretty damn awesome on paper. Heaps of missions, a long campaign, multiple factions, tons of upgrades and ship types, even various multiplayer options including player vs player and co-op. Wow! sounds pretty damn adventurous for an XBLA title…

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BurgerTime - Banner

Finding time to review games at the moment is a real art. Not only is the weather getting us all outdoors and Christmas festivities are starting up, any time I do have for gaming is sucked up by some monstrous AAA titles. Namely Skyrim, Gears of War 3, and Forza 4, and even then Skyrim has managed to push the other two aside. So Mr BurgerTime World Tour, you better be making it worth my valuable gaming time for me to stop my dragon hunting quests…

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Worms UM - Banner

First up lets just get this straight. Worms: Ultimate Mayhem isn’t a completely new game as such but a 3D update of Worms 4: Mayhem and the original Worms 3D. Bringing these two games together gives you around 80 missions and challenges as well as the online element for up to four players. But as a fan of the old school 2D Worms, I found myself entering the 3D world of Worms: Ultimate Mayhem with more than a couple of hesitations…

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Orcs Must Die - Banner 

Fans of the tower defense style of game sure do have a large range of titles to choose from on Xbox Live now and Orcs Must Die adds one more to the list. Not that this is a bad thing especially when the style is like Trenched with it’s 3rd person shooter element. Add to that some spike traps and a decent dose of humour, something reminiscent of Ash Williams in the Army of Darkness, and everything is starting to look pretty promising.

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