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Closing out the Summer of Arcade, this game brought some consternation with its use of the word ‘free’ when it popped up on the xbox Live Arcade, I know a few opportunistic members that dove straight in, myself included. Only to find that the game was indeed a short taster with a distinct push for the player to buy characters to play the full game. The choice of three characters did come with a supermarket style 3 for 2 pricing structure to encourage you to pay that little bit extra for them all. Fair enough, I suppose. Continue reading

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Renegade Ops had caught the attention of a lot of people in the run up to its eventual release, some very nice looking gameplay videos perpetuated with some very big explosions – what more does a gamer need? However, timing is everything and when Microsoft dropped the title onto the marketplace 3 days before Gears of War 3 released. Were they hoping to capitalise on itchy customers desperate for something new to do while they waited for Emergence Day 3 or did they panic and try to get it out as a surprise because the next couple of months contain a deluge of retails AAA titles? Continue reading

I had low expectations of SkyDrift going in. An arcade  racer with biplanes? It sounded kinda risky. But Digital Reality has managed to pull it off; a fast paced chase through chasms and caverns.

Each track pits you against seven bots. It’s a linear racer through and through, except now you have the Y-Axis to think about, and a lot more reason to crash.

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Leedmees Title
Considering I got the review code for Leedmees a few weeks after release, is it a good indicator that the leaderboard shows less than 3,000 entries?

There are lots of stats and opinions that can make for an engaging Kinect discussion, for the record I am a fan of the hardware. While I do not count myself as a Microsoft fanboy I do respect what they have both attempted and in some respects succeeded.

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40k Kill Team

Yes, it has been around the Marketplace for a while, but then I’ve been offline for a while.

There are people that get excited by the mere prospect of anything gamewise that is related to the Warhammer and particularly the 40k universe, suffice to say that I am not one of them. I am however somebody that grew up spending all his part-time earnings at Games Workshop, painting figures and owning 40k Epic battlefields with his Tyranid Horde. So I get some of the history.

Delivered as a warm up to the release of the full blown Space Marine game, what did Kill Team offer apart from an unlockable chainsword?

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The 2D Platformer. One would think that its kind died out a long time ago. Like the Point and Click adventure game, the 2D platformer is reminiscent of a certain era, the 80’s and 90’s. We had Mario, we had Sonic, we had Megaman. Much later we had my all time favourite 2D platformer; Abe’s Oddysee. But then everything started to go towards 3D (polygons that is, not this new-fangled depth of field stuff). Slowly but surely the 2D platformer began to die out.

Today the 2D platformer is still around, but it’s not enough just to give the hero or heroine a weapon and an incredible high jump. These days platformers need to do a lot more to stand out.

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Galaga Legions DX is the second title in the “Namco Generations” series, following the rebooted Pac-Mac “Championship Edition DX” released last year. It is the second modern remake of the Classic Galaga game, following Galaga Legions which was released exclusively to XBLA in 2008, and this time around can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network also.

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Made available just recently are two packs, the Pink Knight and the Blacksmith. For the Pink Knight pack in particular, there are two exceptionally compelling reasons to download. Firstly, for every download in the first 50,000, The Behemoth will donate $1US to the Keep A Breast Foundation. The second, is that it’s free. That’s right, you download something for free, and they donate to charity. The Blacksmith costs 160 MS points, but the choice to support a team that are willing to donate money for a free download, made it an easy call for me personally.

With this on top of the Virtua Figher 5: Final Showdown announcement, it’s almost like Sega is trying to make me specifically happy. Sonic CD is actually high on my list of shame, being the only Sonic game I haven’t played that was generally well received (okay, I haven’t played Sonic: Colors, either.) The press release states that you’ll be able to play Sonic CD on your 360, PS3, PC or appropriate smart phone “this summer”, but it was signed off by Sega of Europe and America, so I’m willing to say that it’ll be our winter.


Earlier today, Sega announced that Virtua FIghter 5: Final Showdown would be coming to home consoles by way of Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network. Yes, I’m excited about this news as you might think, but I’m also filled with trepidation. After seeing what Soul Calibur ended up on the XBLA, a mere shell of of once loved Dreamcast game, I’d really like to see a full fledged game in VF5:FS.
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