How many? Indeterminate. Unspecified, even. Doesn’t have to be all, just quite a few. Developed by Demiurge and being published by Ubisoft, Shoot Many Robots looks like an action platformer which ticks several of my robot related checkboxes. Deflectable projectiles. A small robot controlling a much larger robot. Swarming little guys with chainsaws. Despite how far a long the video makes it look, it won’t be releasing until 2012 on XBLA, PSN and PC.
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, Splosion Man, and Trials HD. As linked, they’ve all been reviewed before. On a disc, it’ll cost about $40. Online via the Xbox Live Marketplace, they’ll run you 3200 MS Points, which equates to about $52.80, if my math is correct off the top of my head, so it’s a saving, to be sure. The thing is, any self-respecting ButtonMasher already owns at least one or two of these titles at least; personally I got all three and loved them each. So I offered it up to the other writers who all seem to be in a similar boat, so we thought maybe a reader will want it! E-mail to be in to win the pack. I won’t judge you if you’ve already got the games, after all, you might have an uncultured friend with a birthday coming up!

The Kinect hasn’t really been a huge hit for the hardcore crowd yet, and who’s to say that’s a bad thing? After all, as much of an olive branch that the implementations in Mass Effect 3 and Forza 4 may try to be, the Kinect was definitely designed to get the 360 some of that “mass market pizazz” that the Wii captured at launch. So, Fruit Ninja, a game simple enough to enrapture the phone-carrying masses, has tried to transfer it’s touchscreen mechanic for something literally full-bodied.

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But, not to us, not yet anyway. Trials HD captured the competitive spirit in almost anyone with a remote or tenuous connection to ButtonMasher, so I’m more than a little curious to find out what Trials Evolution has in store for us. A press release that came out yesterday announced that TE would be appearing at Gamescom and PAX Prime, and had this handy bulleted list:

Key features of Trials Evolution

  • Multiplayer – both local and online
  • Challenging but balanced single player game
  • Outdoor environments and curved driving line
  • Full-featured track editor
  • Global track sharing
  • Bike and rider customizations

Did anyone else read that? A curved driving line? Oh man, if this involves steering, I am OUT. I’m sure it’ll just mean that the driver will automatically take corners, though. The release also contained this quote from Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director at Red Lynx: “This is the biggest game RedLynx has ever done, and one of the most ambitious downloadable console games ever. The things that can be done with just the editor will astound long-time fans of the series. I can’t wait to see what the community will be able to create!” – Now, I don’t know about the chest beating, but colour me dead keen to break my nameless riders spine in many horrible ways to get over that one frustrating jump all over again.

“The Kid read down the page in anticipation. He ain’t one to wait around. Like most folks, he needed to know just how good this Bastion game really was.”

One of the first things you’ll discover in Bastion is the narrator; an omnipresent smooth rumbling of words which could only belong to an old cowboy past his prime. This isn’t just several cut-scenes either. The narrator will be with you throughout your journey from start to finish. He will give you back-story on the places you visit, sage combat advice, and of course narrate your in-game actions.

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So you’ve been a busy beaver this past month haven’t you?

Indeed I have. Too busy to talk with you it seems! Apologies for the lateness of this wee interview. I finished up both L.A. Noire and inFamous 2. I talked about them last time. Needless to say they are both very good games, if not a little flawed in some respects. L.A. Noire pursued something that was neither game or movie, and inFamous 2 improved upon the first — the action is great, although a little samey. And I played some Betas too, including the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer, which I spent a lot of time with. It’s not entirely unique, but it was good enough to keep me coming back. Then we have Journey, an art game by thatgamecompany. I’m not too sure what I think about that yet. It felt too easy, and a little boring, but it’s just too early to say.

And you finally got off the PlayStation, thank god. I was worried for a minute there.

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As revealed some time back by our Aussie friends, Burnout CRASH! was today finally revealed to be Criterion’s latest project. Coming to PSN and XBLA (with Kinect support) at the end of this year. Not much is known about the game, but Criterion are promising a revamped Autolog system from their recent work on Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Burnout Crash! develops on their much beloved Crash mode introduced in the past Burnout games. If you’ve been living under an upturned bus these past few years, in Crash mode your aim was to drive into a busy intersection and rack up as much damage as possible. Nothing like a bit of terrorist activity to brighten your day!

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