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Trenched is the latest offering from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions and as expected has plenty of humour. Well how else could you look at an alternate World War One setting where trenches are now mobile and the evil doer wanting world domination is leading a bunch of bad guys made from televisions. A great premise for a third person shooter, tower defense game? I think so. So let’s dig up our trenches stick on some legs and go hunt us some Broadcast believers!

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The original Spelunky was released in 2008, and is still free to download. If you would rather pay for it, Spelunky is promised to come to XBLA later this year, removing the 8-bit aesthetic for something a little more cartoony. Of course playing in HD along with added multiplayer, I reckon it will be well worth the purchase. Make sure you wait until the end of the trailer for a special indie cameo.

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With E3 going on, it might be easy to miss an announcement like this, but it’s worth posting, given the competitive fury that Trials HD unleashed within the ButtonMasher community. Creative Director, Antti Ilvessuo has gone on record claiming that’s it’s a culmination of feedback to create the “ultimate” Trials game. There’s also a 54 second teaser trailer which contains literally about four seconds of gameplay footage, but it does look like it may involve some simultaneous multiplayer.

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Trials Evolution is expected to see a 2011 release on Xbox Live Arcade

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

We just got back from a lovely party over in downtown Los Angeles, which managed to nearly redeem the rather depressing Microsoft conference earlier that day. One of the Summer of Arcade 2011 titles, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, stood out.

An unbelievably beautiful Metroidvania title, perhaps most reminiscent to the indie title Aquaria (which I love). Michel Gagne (of Iron Giant fame) was there, the most non-jaded developer I’ve ever met; he was incredibly passionate about his title and the gaming industry in general, which he has only recently entered. Continue reading

Some great posts from Team ZATAOGM over the last few weeks. So here I am once again. I didn’t think we’d make it this far with all the internal bickering

— That’s right. You aren’t exactly the easiest person to deal with.
Oh, you’re still here. I think you’ll find it’s the other way around mister. Anyhow, just before we get started —

— Here we go again.
Hey, now this won’t take long. Something I recently learned when it comes to games is that you can’t really stop midway through. I have on occasion continued a long dormant save file, and my play-through of Mass Effect is the perfect example, but it is far from the norm. The best solution to half-finished games is to finish them to begin with!

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Ubisoft’s Outland launched this week on Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network – though, wait a minute, that’s apparently still down at the moment – bummer…

From the developers of Super Stardust HD, Outland combines a platformer with the colour managing gameplay of Ikaruga. And all complete with a tasty art style to match. Outland sure looks like a title that could be well worth checking out.

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Originally released on PC all the way back in 2009, it seems odd to release it on XBLA now. But there’s still time between games. The sequel is set to land this year, as well as a certain Diablo game with any luck. 

I first played Torchlight in January last year after buying it in a Steam sale. It ran fine on my computer, excellent in fact considering the state of my laptop. But I didn’t end up playing much of it.

Cue 2011 and I have the XBLA version. Time for round two.

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