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The Fable Franchise is one of the core IP’s for Xbox and I have enjoyed them for many great hours since the first one on the original Xbox, I even took a day off work on launch day to get stuck into it. And even if Peter Molyneux’s grandiose ideas never really came to full fruition, the Fable series has still captured a huge legion of loyal followers and been enjoyed by millions. So why would Mr Molyneux up and leave Lionhead pretty much on the eve of release of his latest ‘Kinect Required’ Fable title. Read on and it may just become clear.

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Well, I have been struggling with this review for a few days now. Firstly, it’s Star Wars and all things Star Wars get an instant thumbs up from me but it’s Kinect, and Kinect hasn’t exactly spun my wheels yet. But if all the hype, along with the delay to rework the game, is to believed then Kinect Star Wars could well be the ‘Killer App’ we have all been wanting, waiting for, hoping for on Kinect. So is it the saviour Kinect so desperately needs? As the mighty Yoda would say, “ See, you will….”.

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If people didn’t think you were crazy enough by overhearing you talk to your Xbox, conversing with people in Mass Effect 3, telling Dance Central 2 how to serve up the next dance battle, or chastising your pet in The Sims 3: Pets, then shouting in the ancient tongue of the Dhove will surely test them further. Everyone’s favourite sprawling open world, dragon-infested RPG is getting voice recognition, including assigning weaponry, commanding allies, and more. The headlining item, though, is that you’ll be able to be able to cast the powerful shouts without accessing a menu. Unless, of course, you need to know what words to utter, since “unrelenting force” is unrecognisable English, but “FAS RO DAH!” is both the strange words of the dragon-speak, and totally better to yell. The video sums it all up pretty well:

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So far pretty much all of the Kinect only titles have been fairly average at best with Kinect compatible titles like Mass Effect 3 showing more promise. Kinect Rush – A Disney/Pixar Adventure is the latest in the line of family friendly Kinect titles to be released and with all time Pixar greats like Toy Story and Cars in the the mix at least it should market well. But with such great characters and locations at your finger tips you would hope that this is a game that really uses Kinect to it’s full potential. Well, lets see how we go…

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