You are N’rotan, son of Henman, charged with recovering the Golden Racket of Yendor! Your journey will take you across many courts, and you must slam and slice your way to the top of every grandslam tournament in Tennisonia. Also, when you serve, you’re going to hit a pokeball, because they’re marketable. Also, does anyone know the name of a game which has tentacles, and a pin you have to find on a map?

We ask the developers of Tony Hawk: Ride if Project Natal invalidates their peripheral and interview the lead designer of The Conduit.

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If you’re going to set yourself up for failure, then starting off with Uncharted is the perfect way of going about it. One of the most amazing looking games with genuinely engaging gameplay, there were obviously a few things that could be done to it better, but they were tiny when you look at the big picture. So what are we to expect form a sequel? A half hearted cash in, or something truly spectacular?

I took some time from the hustle and bustle of E3 to stop and talk to Richard Lemarchand one of the guys developing Uncharted 2 and enjoy a little walk through of what to expect when it drops later in the year. I had other places to be but Uncharted was on my list of must see games.

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Chris Taylor is the creator of the Supreme Commander franchise along with other games and is the CEO of Gas Powered Games. They are currently working on Supreme Commander 2 with Square Enix publishing for them. The other day we took the chance to sit in on a guided tour of some of the new features and gameplay that they are putting into Supreme Commander 2 and ask a few questions, some are even on topic. Video is past the break.

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EA have given us the oppurtunity to fire a few questions across to their Redwood Shores Studio and Executive Producer/Creative Director Jonathan Knight and find out some more about Dante’s Inferno.


In the questions I wanted to find out about the tie in with the poetic works that the game takes its name from and also look at how it will set itself apart from other third person adventure games that have released in the last year or so. The full interview is after the break.

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