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Old 17-11-2008, 12:24 PM
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Default Coffee snobbery and espresso science

Does anyone here take their coffee as "serious business"?

I'm well on the way to being a coffee snob as I went shopping for an $800 coffee GRINDER (yes that's right - just a grinder) and ended up with a $1000 one.

Don't worry - I didn't pay $1000. I managed to score a 2nd hand ex-commercial use machine for well under half that cost.

If the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on a coffee GRINDER makes you think I'm crazy, then obviously this isn't the thread for you. But if you can understand why I'd spend more on my grinder than on my espresso machine (a 4 year old cheap-ass model from Briscoes on special), then let's talk
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