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Old 12-06-2009, 01:32 AM
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Default Under Siege OMG AWESOME

A new video for Under Siege has been posted from Seed Studios. The game is a RTS and the video was created using the in-game level editor.

“One of the major features of Under Siege is our in game editor”, states the official developer blog. “We’ve taken a page out of Little Big Planet’s book here and decided to not only include a fully featured editor, but also to create all the included game content using that same editor.

“You will be able to mold the terrain, define terrain properties, adjust water, place props, adjust lighting, create triggers and cut scenes, and essentially create a whole new game if you feel like it.

“Having built all our levels using a PS3 controller led to constant improvements in both the interface and the control scheme so that our level artists wouldn’t feel constrained by the input device.”

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Old 12-06-2009, 08:00 AM
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Wow that looks awesome.
Not a RTS fan but that looks pretty sweet.
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Old 12-06-2009, 11:38 AM
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Looks pretty good but am always sceptical of the control method of RTS on consoles, im yet to find on that i like playing with a control pad, as its ps3 it would be cool if they allowed mouse input.
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