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Old 22-07-2010, 11:13 PM
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Default Kevin Butler Declares Console War on New Zealand

Kevin Butler, Sony Playstation VP of International Diplomacy, isn’t dodging the hard issues when it comes to the TV3 Mon-tage Advert controversy. Instead of releasing a statement that avoids addressing any questions, Mr. Butler has fronted up with a formal response to TV3’s “amazing homage” to his “marketing prowess”.

Below is a link to Kevin Butler’s response and challenge to TV3 and New Zealand as posted on the official US PlayStation blog:

Kevin Butler and New Zealand

It would be an injustice to even attempt to paraphrase the response, so do check it out. But TV3 in-house marketing department – consider yourselves pwned. You do now have the express permission from Mr. Butler to pay homage to any of the commercials in the entire PlayStation library, with only a tiny catch – you have been charged with making PlayStation3 the “OFFICIAL GAME CONSOLE OF NEW ZEALAND”. Oh, that and he likes Flight of the Conchords.

Not quite enough to pay homage to their work though. Cheers fahrenheit for the tip!

Read more and discuss...
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